Dear Mr. Farah:

 Great column [“Time to roll back all gun bans”], and I agree; every gun law from 1934 onward should be purged! Period!

I recently engaged a lefty in a conversation. After getting the normal: “We just need to pass ‘sensible gun laws,’ blah blah …” I asked this person, “Since we already have 25,000 or so laws on the books, why are not they ‘sensible’? How many more do we need to add before we get to ‘sensible’?” Well, I got nowhere, but he mumbled something about U.S. v. Miller, which led me to think about the following:
 In United States v. Miller, the attorneys for the government argued, among other points, “The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in an organized militia.”

To me, that’s a bombshell! The government argues for citizen ownership of military-type weapons! My suggestion: Let’s stop arguing that “ARs are not assault weapons!” Instead, enshrine into every document the fact that they are the exact weapon the government thinks citizens should own!

We can’t have sawed-off shotguns, yet it IS a protected right to own “military-type weapons appropriate for use in an organized militia.” I’m good with that!

 Would it not be productive for us pro-gun folks to start proclaiming, “Yes, Senator Feinstein, you are absolutely correct! The AR-15 and its clones are military-type weapons! Further, the U.S. government itself argues in United States v. Miller that the Second Amendment protects the ownership of military-type weapons for use by citizens!”

Let’s take back the left’s own rhetoric about ARs being “evil, military-type weapons,” explaining ownership of military-type weapons is condoned by none other than our very own government.

Many regards, sir! I spend many hours learning much from WND articles. Your writers, yourself included, do an excellent job. I would be lost without my daily dose of WND!

Dave Dodd

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