I’m so glad you’re reporting the fight that Dr. Judith Reisman is having in Croatia [“6th-grade porn teachers exposed”]. Those parents deserve to know the truth about the education of their children, and they deserve to have a voice in what is taught to their children.

Children have never been sexual from birth. They can be and are molested by adults who have power over them. When will the parents in America realize that Alfred Kinsey has dominated the sex education in the USA, without their knowledge, for decades? Young Parents still don’t know that the new Kinseyan Model is being taught, behind the closed classroom doors to their own kids. Abstinence is laughed at and scorned.

There needs to be a huge investigation! What is causing all the out-of-wedlock pregnancies and abortions? This was not a problem in the 1950s, before Kinsey, was it? Parents knew and taught right from wrong behavior. What is different now? We have the second, third and fourth generation of Kinsey-educated parents. Some no longer think that sex outside of marriage is unacceptable behavior. It’s the Kinsey sex education in the classroom that fuels and fans the flames of passion of our young children, teens and young adults.Then the kids go home to an empty house with sexually explicit teen TV, Internet porn and iPhone until the parents get home from work.

There are consequences. This Kinseyan classroom teaching leads to teen-age experimentation of homosexual and heterosexual encounters. That leads to trauma in families all over America. Divorce is up as a direct result of the Kinsey Sexual Revolution Dr. Judith Reisman exposed years ago in her book “Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences.”

Wake up the parents!


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