The gang was jubilant, and took to FaceBook to say so. “FREE ALL MY TKO GUYS,” said one of the members of the mob that was freed, reported the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Two days later, two members of the group tracked down Quain and threatened him again.

He threatened them with pepper spray and they ran.

The pace of the Knockout Game picked up in other places with other victims. That is when Tiffany Thompson made her wish at a news site reporting the results of the latest St. Louis victim:

as a black woman i will say this, i wish they would run into the right person who is armed to defend themselves with a firearm…i bet we will see a drastic decrease in violence in our city. it is embarrassing and shameful – the image these losers portray of blacks in st louis. i do not and never will reside anywhere besides the suburbs of this city, because no one is safe among these savages. do not get angry when people call them thugs, because that is exactly what they are and no excuses can be made for this barbaric behavior! it’s disgusting!!!

That “right person” was a St. Louis homeowner who found Murphy and a friend in his backyard at 1:30 a.m.

Missouri citizens are protected by the so-called Castle Doctrine that allows the use of deadly force against intruders.

But Murphy’s friend, a 17-year-old man, was charged with murder because he was an accomplice to a felony where a person was killed.

Murphy’s grandfather, Paul Furst, told KSDK that Murphy was mentally challenged did not deserve to die:

I believe this is another one of the Trayvon Martin stories where people are getting so gun happy they shoot just on impulse now. I could understand if he was a threat. But on the property, he was not a threat.

Murphy’s grandfather had nothing to say to a neighbor who said he, too, was a victim of Murphy: Jonathan Preiss told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“I live 3 houses down from where the shooting took place. I believe they are the ones who threw a rock and a brick into my window, stole my tv, ps3, wii and games as well right before this happened. They ransacked my room, no regard for my property. I am still freaked out over this whole thing. I hope this is a lesson of the consequences for violating my community’s privacy.”

Murphy was 15 years old.

See the Big List of black mob violence.

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