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Lady Gaga can't walk, shows postponed

(ISCIENCETIMES) — Why is Gaga unable to walk? Fans of the “Born This Way” singer were disappointed to learn Feb. 11 that Gaga is postponing her next four shows in Chicago, Detroit and Hamilton because she is unable to walk.

The singer hid her injury from her fans. Lady Gaga is known for being overdramatic in everything that she does, but her injury, a case of synovitis, could be serious.

Synovitis is a major problem in rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and psoriatic arthritis. It could also be related to tuberculosis or gout. We’re sure her fans are hoping for the best and that Gaga being unable to walk due to synovitis is an isolated event.

Synovitis has many causes, including infection, direct joint trauma, allergic reaction, gout, overuse and inflammatory diseases. In Lady Gaga’s case, it may be direct joint trauma or overuse. The singer is known for her wildly theatrical performances which, no doubt, take a toll on her body. If the case of synovitis is severe, then the singer has good reason to postpone a couple shows in order to get her health back to normal.