If it weren’t difficult enough to raise children with some sense of right and wrong and morality, the role models that once existed are almost totally gone.

Look at what we’ve seen over the last weeks.

The man who is president suddenly decided to release a picture, supposedly taken last August, showing him firing a long gun.

This was to reinforce his off-the-wall statement that he shoots skeet all the time at Camp David.

This was to create the image of him as someone not against people enjoying shooting at targets or hunting – only against using guns for protection.


Maybe they thought it would work for PR, since Obama’s loosed an all-out attack on the Second Amendment – but, really!

He looked so uncomfortable, the gun not well placed on his shoulder, smoke coming from two places on the gun (really? from the side of the barrel?) and the gun was parallel to the ground.

I don’t shoot skeet, but even I know the sport involves aiming up at the trajectory of the clay pigeon as it’s lofted into the air.

My opinion? The shot was phony, and only brain-wasted Obama believers take him at his word.

I could be crass and say it was a lie.

OK, I will.

But he’s the president. Aren’t our children supposed to regard him with some sense of honor?

Yes, supposedly, but given other actions of this administration, forget that.

Consider something more recent and more dangerous: Benghazi.

We have four dead Americans: As for the ambassador, killing him is an act of war, but nothing is done. The other three are former military men who fought to the end against well-armed Islamist militants.

We didn’t help them. We allowed them to be killed. For months afterward, everyone in positions of authority in this administration took different positions about what happened but initially focused on an alleged insult to Islam from a barely seen short video and said that the attack in Benghazi was done by just average Muslims in the street, upset over that insult to Muhammad.

I didn’t believe a word of it.  Only brain-wasted Obama believers, and the media, took him at his word.

I could be crass and say it was a lie.

OK, I will.

I’m right, and the testimony of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, supposedly to clarify what happened that night last September only reinforced the lies foisted on American citizens.

Aside from the fact that she delayed her testimony for weeks, her final appearance confirmed my suspicions. When pressed to clarify just what happened and why we weren’t leveled with, she exploded in fury, saying, since four Americans were dead, “What difference does it make?” as to what caused it. It happened, it’s done.

Her moral superiority is enough to gag you.

Clinton nobly said she takes “responsibility” for what happened, but she’s never held “accountable.”

It reminds me of former Attorney General Janet Reno taking “responsibility” for the fiasco of the 1993 attack at Waco; she was never held accountable, and life went on – except of course, for the 85 innocents killed, including 17 children and four ATF agents.

No one in this administration is held accountable for anything – from Obama on down.

He claimed steps were being taken to help those at Benghazi, but as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified last week, nothing was done, Obama never gave any orders for military assistance and, in fact, he was totally out of touch that night and the next day he went to Las Vegas for fundraising.

Obama is guilty of dereliction of duty for allowing the attack to continue, for not ordering military assistance, for allowing officials to lie to the media (read that UN Ambassador Susan Rice) and for tolerating the rest of his Cabinet and the Pentagon to support the lies.

Even worse, Americans were deceived into believing he was there all night, listening, observing and ready to help.

In reality, he wasn’t and did nothing.

I doubt I’m alone in thinking impeachment.

How do we explain this to our children, when we want them to develop honest morality and respect for leaders? It’s almost impossible.

Respect elected officials, from the president on down? Hah.

How about religious figures or teachers or athletes or authors or entertainers or actors?

Fictional “heroes” in print and movies (and every other medium) cut corners, enjoy beating the system, betraying friends and family and using people of both sexes for personal gain and pleasure.

That’s bad enough, but all historical figures are targets of revisionist writers.

Every historical hero is portrayed as having not only feet of clay, but muddy feet, leaving footprints through history that diminish the contribution the individual had made.

They’re outed as philanderers or bigamists, or as plagiarists, as military cowards, as gay, as owning slaves, as having illegitimate children, as being a closet lush or drug addict, as being criminally ambitious, as being a thief – or – you name it.

The goal of these writers is to dig for the dirt and get it printed, true or not.

Since educators want the latest books, these blatant historical distortions become texts and reference sources and ultimately, the content gets fed into the minds of our children.

The kids have to pass tests so even if parents try to correct the misinformation, the distortions have to be regurgitated to get through the school year.

What’s the message of these portrayals of the foibles or failings of famous people?

Unfortunately, it tells the kids anything goes if you can get away with it. All they have to do is look at the current headlines and see the people who lie and get others to swear to it.

And they walk away, free and clear, get re-elected, get promoted, get famous and get rich.

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