MSNBC host Rachel Maddow says it’s really hard for the left wing of the U.S. government to operate because the other half – the conservatives – are not willing to adopt the “evidence” she suggests is irrefutable.

And she can’t stop herself from taking public swipes at WND for its reporting on some of the issues liberals have had difficulty advancing.

“The evidence-based world is a hard enough place to live and to operate for us as a nation without half of our domestic politics being dominated by the perceived desire to defend against the Muslim Obama jihad on child Reagan’s home,” she said.

“Are we hampered as a nation in our ability to address real problems in the evidence-based world if half of the people in politics do not live in that world?” she wondered. “And if so, how do we get it fixed?”

On a recent show, she join with another MSNBC host, Chris Hayes, in a call for action on the issue of climate change.

Hayes said the U.S. needs to work on a treaty “that governs everyone’s emissions, which is ultimately what we’re going to have to get,” but is stymied because of the “half” who doubt scientists and activists who contend man is causing catastrophic climate change.

They demonize capitalism and freedom … and it’s working! Read Brian Sussman’s new book, “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda Will Dismantle America”

Hayes said it discredits the U.S. in the eyes of the world to have disagreement over the issues. The U.S. cannot take a leadership role, he said, because there is not enough support for the left-wing “evidence” to convince other countries.

But the two did not discuss the evidence from emails leaked from the University of East Anglia, the premiere global warming advocacy center, that revealed even the researchers are observing global coolling.

Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and a WND columnist, regarded as an expert on the issue, wrote recently about the problem with the “evidence.”

“While NASA climate alarmist James Hansen insists record summer heat and drought are caused by man-made global warming, leaked internal emails from just three summers ago reveal that he and his colleagues expressed alarm that the planet was inexplicably cooling,” he wrote.

“Hansen, often called the ‘godfather of global warming,’ asserted earlier this month that blistering heat across the United States is so rare that it can’t be anything but the man-made global warming he has been warning about for decades,” Monckton wrote.

He noted Hansen told the AP, “We are now experiencing scientific fact.”

But Monckton noted in 2009, “as the thermometer hit record lows in America, he and other climate scientists panicked in a flurry of emails: ‘Skeptics will be all over us – the world is really cooling, the models are no good.'”

Monckton wrote: “In an Oct. 12, 2009, email to Hansen of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, fellow warming alarmist Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., asked, ‘Where the heck is global warming?'”

Trenberth’s email bombshell was: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment, and it is a travesty that we can’t.”

Maddow set up the discussion with Hayes by poking fun at critics of the U.S. handling of the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

She noted Sen. Rand Paul’s questions, which did not generate answers, when Clinton was testifying before the U.S. Senate.

“Rand Paul talked about that theory he has cooked up … after that hearing, to who else, but the website WorldNetDaily,” Maddow noted.

Then she added: “Just for the record, this is the current issue of WorldNetDaily’s monthly magazine. The issue, titled “The First Muslim President,” does not contend Obama is a Muslim but plays on the meme that began when Bill Clinton was dubbed the “first black president.” It explores the Islamic influence on Obama’s upbringing and his policy toward the Islamic world and the threat of jihad.

Maddow also pointed out that former Sen. Rick Santorum is now a columnist for WND.

“It’s funny how Maddow talks about WND so frequently but has never had the courage to invite any representatives of the company on her show to respond to her silly accusations,” said Joseph Farah, chief executive officer and editor of WND. “This is what passes for journalism at MSDNC.”

Monckton noted that back in 1997, when Al Gore was president of the U.S. Senate and Democrats held the majority, a proposal to hand over ultimate power to a world group regarding climate change was voted down “95 to nil.”

A leading U.S. senator “gets it” — read James Inhofe’s book “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future”

WND also has reported on another bump in Gore’s theories that soon global warming will reveal itself fully in parched crop fields, wars over remaining traces of water, hurricanes, drought, floods, heat waves, cold waves, desertification, volcano eruptions, food shortages and smog.

It was Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” movie, released in 2006, that casts as inevitable such disasters should the world choose not  to follow his agenda of eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

But a movie called “An Inconsistent Truth” undermines Gore’s assertions.

A project of award-winning radio host Phil Valentine, it’s directed by Shayne Edwards. It takes the viewer on a quest for the truth about global warming.

“Many people believe in man-made global warming but they don’t know why,” the movie questions. “This is one of the most important issues of our day, yet the average American knows so very little about what’s really going on. Is that by design? Who stands to make billions off cap-and-trade legislation? Why do those who raise their voices the loudest lead the most wasteful lifestyles? Is carbon dioxide really a pollutant or is it a harmless gas that’s essential to life here on Earth?”

“It’s amusing to watch the consternation of those who don’t want this message out there,” Valentine said of the Hollywood head-scratching. “I believe this is one of the only movies, if not the only movie, that tells the other side that’s actually made it to theaters. The truth is loose and they don’t quite know what to make of it.”

A recent report in the Daily Mail of London said the purported “consensus” on global warming is disintegrating after new data indicate the planet has not warmed in 15 years.

The report said readings from 30,000 measuring stations globally, released by the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, show increases in temperatures stopped in 1997.

Author Brian Sussman, author of “Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Expose the Global Warming Scam,” said the global warming warnings are a scam.

He commented when a series of emails from the CRU was leaked that showed that scientists appeared to be skewing results and doctoring statements to make their case for a continuing threat from man-made global warming.

The emails were leaked by someone tired of the agenda, he said.

“They blew the whistle to alert the world that political activists with Ph.D.s were using their academic cover to manipulate data and professionally blackball scientists with opposing points of view,” he said.

In the original scandal that spawned the name Climategate, hacked emails of Phil Jones, head of the Climatic Research Unit in Norwich, England, and others uncovered schemes to employ “tricks” with warming trends, squelch skeptics and defame journals that published them.

The disunity among scientists is documented by the Petition Project, launched more than 10 years ago when the first few thousand signatures were gathered. The effort by Art Robinson, a research professor of chemistry and co-founder of the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine in 1973, now lists tens of thousands of qualified scientists who endorse the following statement:

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.

Among the original emails hacked from East Anglia and posted online said: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. The CERES data published in the August (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society) 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate.”

Later, Maddow launched into another rant about WND’s reporting about of several issues involving Obama:

Her outspokenness occasionally has landed trouble at her doorstep. A lawsuit, now on appeal, alleges that she defamed a Christian minister by maliciously asserting he advocated the execution of homosexuals.

The claim had been dismissed by a judge who has been accused of bias.

It was brought on behalf of Bradlee Dean and his You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International ministry.

The case arose, accordingly to the complaint, because Maddow maliciously asserted Dean advocated the execution of homosexuals. A Christian minister, Dean’s work features hard rock, high school seminars and an occasional letter exchange with Barack Obama. It alleges Dean endured death threats after Maddow’s “malicious” criticism of him and his work.

Maddow’s “outrageous and maliciously published statements have severely harmed not only plaintiffs’ reputations, but also their financial well-being,” said a motion in opposition to Maddow’s request that the case be dismissed.

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