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Michael Savage: Obama makes a man 'paranoid'

Government officials in cahoots with Islamist regimes, federal agencies buying up bullets, attempts by lawmakers to restrict private gun ownership – it’s enough to make a man “paranoid,” says radio host Michael Savage.

“Here’s a news story for you: Hagel linked to Iran lobby,” Savage said on his Friday program this past week, quoting a WND exclusive that revealed secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel’s work for organizations that aid Iranian causes. “It doesn’t get any worse than this.”

“If you want to get paranoid, Obama can really help you in your work,” Savage continued. “Why would Homeland Security be buying 22 million more rounds of ammunition? Can anyone explain that to me? I mean Big Sis Napolitano – why does she need 21.6 million more rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets [DHS] has already obtained over the last 10 months?”

Several news agencies have reported a growing stockpile of ammunition by federal agencies unconnected to the U.S. military. No significant explanation has been offered for the massive acquisitions.

“This is shocking,” Savage said. “I want to remind you of something: Hollow-point ammunition is outlawed by the United Nations. Why would they need 10 million .40-caliber [and] 10 million 9mm jacketed, hollow-point bullets? Tell me why.”

Savage continued, “Now when you couple this with the fact that the DHS has secured over the last 10 months 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, and now you couple that with Hagel linked to the Iranian lobby, now you couple that with the man who wants to take over the CIA who has suspicious relationships as well, now you couple that with Obama being a very, very strange fellow to say it in a very polite way – I’ll tell you something. It will give you pause for thought, to put it mildly.

“Why would the Department of Homeland Security have purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition over the last 10 months at the same time they’re trying to disarm the average American citizen?” he asked.