Karl Rove’s “Big Tent” is only opening to the left, with the right side being torn down, collapsing and sent to the landfill.

But with Ron Paul’s self-immolation recently (“live by the gun, die by the gun”), it’s clear that we need someone in-between Rove and Ron Paul. I’m now a bit suspicious of Rand Paul (if the tree is rotten, so is the fruit), though it looks like Rand may be distancing himself from his crazy pop.

I have no affection for anarchists. They always precede statists – paving the way for the Stalins and Hitlers and Maos. And usually they end up being made part of the pavement, after they’ve destroyed civility and order. Many of the libertarians are really anarchists.

Likewise, I have no affection for the Miss Potty Mouth, Ann Coulter, who is a statist of another color. I remember when she advocated forcing the Afghan leadership – under arms – to convert to Christianity. Spoken by a true Catholic of the original flag of Catholicism. I no longer want to listen to her foulness, and her attitude about forcing medication upon the mentally ill is in line with the Soviets, while also a favor to her buddies in the pharmaceutical lobby. No, she isn’t a conservative – she just makes a living calling everyone who disagrees with her a “liberal” or a communist or leftist. In my opinion, she has cost us just as much as Karl Rove. L’enfant terrible, as the French say.

We need real conservatives – not what the press calls”moderate.” We need someone with Rand Paul’s constitutional principles without his dad’s utter nuttiness, and we need people who have money – the business class – without caving to the Rovians and the McLames.

In short, we need a new party. Th Republican Party is dead.

Lord help us.

Jim McFarland

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