(Ricochet) — What a relief! The White House is open to direct talks with Iran. (Previously, the White House sought talks via the P5+1 group, so as not to elevate a hostile Iran by offering one on one negotiations). And Iran might be open to direct talks with the White House. As reported in The Telegraph: The Iranian foreign minister “gave a positive reaction to comments by Joe Biden that Washington was willing to hold what would be the first direct, open negotiations with Iran since 1979.” … “But he failed to confirm whether Iran would actually take part in any of these negotiations, indicating divisions in the country’s senior leadership.”

I’m sorry to resort to sarcasm, but this is embarrassing. If Iran’s recent history is any guide, their willingness to consider negotiations is, in reality, obfuscation designed to buy time and cover for the steady advancement of their nuclear program. I urge you to study that history: Iran agrees to negotiate only when faced with a physical threat such as an Israeli airstrike, or when fishing for economic “incentives.” It then refuses to show up to negotiations, or refuses to make any concessions in negotiations, or hastily backs out of negotiations.

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