To read the headlines about Obama’s use of drones to kill terrorists, he is a real John Wayne. But would John Wayne worry more about the jihadists in Yemen or the ones coming across our southwest border?

I have no moral objection to targeting leaders of al-Qaida or allied terrorist groups and using our high-tech drones to kill them. Targeting American citizens who have become traitors by taking up arms against America by actively participating in jihadists plots ought not to be a controversial matter if done with precision and reasonable oversight.

What concerns many about those attacks is not the principles involved but the principals involved – Obama and his imperial court. It is understandable that Americans who can’t trust President Obama to respect constitutional standards for recess appointments have trouble entrusting him with the power of life and death over individual citizens.

But what really worries me is not so much the use of drones to target terrorists as the use of drones to distract Americans from the cascading failures of Obama’s policy toward radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Think about it: Which is more important to the national security of the United States, killing some jihadist leader hiding in some village in Pakistan – someone who will be replaced the following week from the swelling ranks of jihadist recruits – or withholding F-16 fighters from the Muslim Brotherhood rulers of Egypt?

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Is it more important to stop jihadists from taking over in Yemen or to stop them from establishing cells in Houston, Detroit and Los Angeles? If your priorities are those of the Obama national security team, you will spend 100 percent of your time plotting against the former and zero time thinking about the latter. Indeed, only this week Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano resumed her propaganda tour of the southwest border to sell the big lie that “the border is more secure than ever.”

Meanwhile, the Obama appointee to head the CIA, John Brennan, has not yet been questioned by his Senate confirmation panel about his blindness to the nature of the enemy he will supposedly be spying on. Brennan does not allow the terms “radical Islam” or “Islamic jihadists” to enter national security debates. Hillary Clinton let those terms slip from her lips in her farewell appearance, but those terms are verboten to an appointee just beginning his tenure. It is a sign of the times that thus far, the only protest at Brennan’s confirmation hearing has been from “Code Pink,” the idiots who think our use of drones to kill jihadist leaders violates the jihadists’ human rights under the U.N. Charter.

But the real problem is that Brennan’s dangerous views are Obama’s everyday views. In the Obama world, our enemies are “extremists,” and they come from all quarters and all religions, domestic and foreign, not mainly from radical Islam. To Obama, and thus to Brennan and John Kerry and any other Obama appointee, the Muslim Brotherhood is the “moderate wing” of Islam advocating peaceful change. To them, Americans have more to fear from right-wing extremists than from the Muslim Brotherhood or anyone who might walk across the shallow places on the Rio Grande east of El Paso.

Obama from the beginning has used the sexiness of high-tech “drone warfare” to both earn points for “doing something” about terrorism and to distract public attention from his broader policies of accommodation and appeasement.

Obama’s deafness to most Americans’ concerns about border security goes deeper than the political opportunism of an amnesty bill. He simply does not care about border security and would not care about it even if amnesty were not a political priority. He is not even aware that each year, hundreds of “OTMs” (Border Patrol jargon for Other Than Mexican) of Arabic and Middle Eastern origin cross our porous borders and enter the U.S. unlawfully. He does not know those numbers because he does not care – and therein lies the danger.

Obama’s total disinterest in border security should raise red flags for Republicans like Marco Rubio who thinks border security inevitably will be a part of a new amnesty bill. Any congressional mandate regarding border security that imposes substantive safeguards or “triggers” for other parts of an amnesty plan will be ignored and actively undermined by the Obama administration. Any pretense to the contrary is self-delusion.

Obama’s disinterest in border security is very much a part of his leftist worldview, a Marxist worldview that sees enemies only to the right, never to the left. Obama’s total blindness to the need for border security ought to put a halt to the search for “comprehensive immigration reform.” Unfortunately, Obama’s willful disinterest in border security is matched by the willful blindness of many Republicans.



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