Good afternoon, Mr. Farah. My name is Luke, and I’m a fairly regular reader of the many fine articles that are published by WND. I appreciate your existence and thank the Creator for such news articles, which are strangely absent so much of the so-called “free press.” I’ve two thoughts I’d like to share and will be as brief as I can.

1) I’ve read about the stockpiling of ammunition and weapons ongoing by the U.S. government. There is something that strikes me as interesting, and perhaps you would be able to uncover more regarding it. All of the orders for ammunition I’ve seen are for “hollow-points.” What is interesting is that under the rules of engagement, as I understand them, and according to the treaties and agreements that our country has signed in the past, hollow-point bullets are illegal to use in war with other nations. So whatever the purpose of these bullets, I think that international rules of engagement indicate that they must be for a domestic, rather than foreign, use.

2) The information from the Department of Justice on the legal use of drones against American citizens is very bothersome. But it is not what the document says that is troubling, but rather the inferences I believe are within it. Please consider, an anti-personnel attack by a drone uses a powerful Hellfire missile. These rockets are indiscriminate between their targets and any nearby collateral casualties. As such, my concern is that these rules of engagement, by extension, could apply to the use of commando and Special Forces. This would appear a common-sense measure in that such tactical forces will no doubt incur significantly less collateral damage. But it is very worrisome in that it would equate to an authorization to legally employ tactical ground forces in the accomplishment of an assassination of American citizens (who are, of course, assumed associates of hostile anti-Americanism).

For years, conspiracy theorists have been mocked as those who feared the black helicopters and commando teams who would murder dissenters and whisk away others to a dark prison. With this new information from the DoJ, I’m wondering if such actions have essentially been declared “legal.”

Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless, protect and keep you, sir.


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