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Proof Obama photo is a fake

The White House picture is a fake. I blew it up 800 percent, and the pixels around Obama are totally different than any other in the picture.

Notice the pixels from the hand back to the body, and then compare them to the pixels on the barrel and the rest of the picture. They’re totally different.

Also I noticed that the stock is not seated into the shoulder, but actually raised slightly above his shoulder. An experienced shooter (as Obama claims he is) would not fire a shotgun that way, but someone posing for a picture that has never shot one probably would.

Notice the loose grip on the forward stock? Tension shown on the left forearm shows he is tightly gripping the trigger, but there is no tension shown in the right arm to hold it from the recoil. Ask your hunters how your shoulder would feel if they shot like Obama.

As you raise the shotgun to shoot skeet, you could break your collarbone holding the gun like Obama. As you raise the gun, you start putting more surface on the collarbone and less on the shoulder muscle pocket, and it would take most of the recoil.

Another clue? You don’t shoot at the skeet thrower.

Harold Hutchcraft