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Prosecuting Muslim bomber 'alienates Muslims'?

In what could have been a jihadi bloodbath of unimaginable proportions, a young American Muslim attempted to mass murder upward of 25,000 infidels (mostly women and children) at a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore. Mohamed Mohamud has now been found guilty, and the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is enraged. According to Reuters, Hamas-CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper “said the case could alienate the Muslim community.”

Mohamud’s undercover handlers offered him several choices in the service of jihad. He could have opted just to pray for the destruction of the infidels. On the other hand, he could have opted for Islamic martyrdom: killing infidels and getting himself killed in the process. He chose something in-between: a plot to kill infidels in large numbers without killing himself. He told the FBI he wanted to “become operational.”

Now the jury’s verdict is in. Mohamud has been found guilty. And the Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR says has the audacity to say that the prosecution of Mohamud “alienates Muslims.”

Again, there it is. Plain as day. Hamas-CAIR exposes its real agenda yet again. The prosecution of this jihadist “alienates Muslims”? Shouldn’t Muslim groups be standing with those of us who are fighting against this very thing? They should be condemning this attempt at jihad mass murder. But no, instead they stand with the would-be murderer. They are claiming that Mohamed Mohamud was a victim of FBI entrapment. What is the goal of this obfuscation? It is revealing of the true nature of “moderate” groups in the U.S.

Entrapment? Could anyone “entrap” you into mass murdering tens of thousands of people?

Mohamed Mohamud pushed the button twice. It failed to detonate, thanks to FBI surveillance programs (that very ones CAIR is working fiercely to stop).

On the morning of the planned jihad murders, Mohamud told one of his friends that this was “the greatest morning of my life.” No one was forcing him when, a few hours after that, he pushed the buttons on a cell phone that he thought would set off his jihad bomb and murder thousands upon thousands of infidels.

But Hamas-CAIR and other Muslim groups aren’t denouncing jihad and the Quranic verses that inspire these attacks. Why? Why aren’t they critical of jihad? Aren’t they supposed to be “moderate”? Why are they telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement? On two occasions, Cyrus McGoldrick, who was then an official of Hamas-CAIR’s New York chapter, issued threats to “snitches.” Is anyone investigating Cyrus McGoldrick, and trying to find out what he was afraid Muslims would “snitch” about?

Hamas-CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper also said, “I think convictions in these kinds of cases are almost forgone conclusions based on the government’s actions. They are the same in each case.” Yes, it’s the government’s fault that devout Muslims want to slaughter in the cause of Islam. Let’s blame the government for stopping this mass slaughter.

Why did Bill O’Reilly have CAIR on yet again last Thursday night, giving them the imprimatur of legitimacy?

Hamas-CAIR is a subversive Muslim Brotherhood group that was implicated in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history, and is (according to the U.S. government) “operating in concert with a host of individuals and organizations dedicated to sustaining and furthering the Hamas movement. … The object of the conspiracy was to support Hamas. The support will be shown to have taken several forms, including raising money, propaganda, proselytizing, recruiting, as well as many other types of actions intended to continue to promote and move forward Hamas’s agenda of the destruction of the State of Israel and establishment of an Islamic state in its place.”

The international Muslim Brotherhood ordered the Muslim Brotherhood chapters throughout the world to create Palestine Committees, whose job it was to support Hamas with “media, money and men” (more here). Clearly, that’s where CAIR comes in.

And the mainstream media aid and abet them. The Reuters report on Hamas-CAIR’s outrage over the Mohamud prosecution is ridiculous. Why go to Hamas-CAIR for comment at all? Why not ask those who are fighting jihad what they think of Mohamud’s actions and the verdict?

These relentless attempts to whitewash jihad are part of an ongoing re-education campaign. The Society of Professional Journalists issued directives for whitewashing Islam and jihad a couple of weeks after 9/11; for sheer propaganda, its “diversity guidelines” are hard to beat. In fact, the enemy that attacked our country in an attempt to bring it down may just as well have been writing the narrative. (Read it all here.)

But even Reuters’ vigorous moral equivocation cannot alter the facts – facts are facts.  And one clear fact is that in its reaction to the Mohamud trial, CAIR has outed itself and revealed what it is really all about.