(CHRISTIANPOST) — A viral video of an Iowa pastor and his wife performing a racially insensitive rap has garnered over 1.2 million views in just a few weeks online, but is it just a hoax?

The video, titled “Rappin’ for Jesus,” was posted on Feb. 5 by YouTube user Brian Spinney, who says in the video’s description that he helped his pastor make the video while he was still in high school. The video is the only one uploaded for public viewing on Spinney’s YouTube account, and it was apparently meant to serve as a sort of advertisement for the youth outreach program at the now defunct West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ in Iowa.

A link to the church’s website appears at the end of the rap. Although the news page on the site says the church shut down in 2004, a Whois search on DomainTools.com reveals that the domain name for the site was just created on Jan. 15 of this year.

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