(CNBC) — Michael Garvey was working as a clerk at the New York Stock Exchange more than 25 years ago, when he got a call from his parents back in Ohio.

Globalization was hammering the Rust Belt including their family business, then called Trumbull Bronze. Garvey’s grandfather founded the company in 1918 to produce bronze castings for the U.S. steel industry. Unable to turn his back on his family legacy, he returned to Ohio, as the company’s customer base of steel mills deteriorated. Faced with a fork in the road, the company reshaped their business strategy to focus on the measurement and validation of parts. That meant a wider customer base beyond heavy industry.

Over time the company was transformed into an advanced manufacturing facility, and in 2004, the company was rebooted as M7 Technologies. Today their advances include slashing the time to measure and authenticate parts down to roughly 30 seconds — from more than four hours. From an innovation and efficiency production standpoint, it’s a manufacturing breakthrough.

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