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School locked down after food fight escalates to brawl

(KMSP-TV) School officials placed South High School on a code yellow lockdown on Thursday after a food fight during the third lunch period escalated into a physical brawl.

According to the school, the fight began at about 12:45 p.m. and lasted 15 minutes while staff members responded.

Minneapolis police also were called to the school after the two resource officers on campus were unable to contain the crowd. Sgt. Bill Palmer told FOX 9 News no weapons were involved in the fight and injuries were described as minor.

Upon arrival, police tried to disperse the crowd of between 200 and 300 students without success. Officers then established a skirmish line by linking arms to form a barrier, but students still did not respond to police requests to leave. In the end, officers sprayed Mace into the air above the crowd.