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Shoes thrown at ex-diplomat Paul Bremer

(ENGLISH.ALARABIYA.NET) — Former U.S. diplomat Paul Bremer, notable for his role civil governor of Iraq following the 2003 invasion, had shoes thrown at him last week during a meeting in the British Parliament in an attack reminiscent of the 2008 shoe hurling against former President George W. Bush.

During the meeting organized by the Henry Jackson Society, an Iraqi man identified as Yasser al-Samarani stood up apparently to address Bremer and said he had two messages to deliver, one from Saddam Hussein and another from the Iraqi people.

“This is the first message,” the man said. A smiling Bremer was quick to react when Samarani hurled his other shoe as he stood up trying to grab it before it hit the wall.

“You have to improve your aim if you want to make such a move,” Bremer said.