Mr. Farah:

I’ve read you for years – along with Jerome Corsi, whose books on abiogenic oil, etc., are extraordinary in their research.

How can ordinary Americans regain control of their government? Simple: a tax revolt. Why should we feel obligated to feed the monster that has gone FAR past any constitutional limits and is explicitly attacking our deepest convictions on faith (esp. First Amendment expression of faith), our consciences (Obamacare’s contraception mandate) and gutting our kids’ future?

A lot of evangelicals and secular patriots will flinch at this – after all, the U.S. stands out from all other developed societies in its citizens’ astonishing level of tax compliance. But do we have the right to deny financial support to the monster now ruling us? YES!

How? By tapping the best brains of our citizens to set up “electronic barter” – actually a well-established practice, if you do a Google search – in which you exchange goods and services with electronic chits. In other words, you “demonetize” your transactions. You trade your skills for others’ goods – and vice versa. You start demonetizing your life as much as possible so there’s nothing left for the government to seize.

I believe one reason the feds are buying up so much ammo and firepower is because there IS a desperation scheme cooking in the White House – as a recent American Thinker article noted – to seize our 401(K) and IRA accounts, which total $19.4 trillion, more than enough to wipe out the federal government’s $16.5 trillion debt. Who would be receiving and using those firearms? Several million hastily deputized federal employees facing the mass outrage that would erupt if the feds seize everything that tens of millions of people have sacrificed all their lives to set aside for their use, not the government’s use.

Seriously, look into electronic bartering. There are enough tea-party members to create an alternative-transactions/cashless economy based on electronic barter that increasingly, given the skills of our entrepreneurs and IT innovators, will put more and more of the “tea-party economy” beyond the reach of the IRS and its authoritarian masters. Fortune magazine just ran an article on the new cashless economy – check it out.

John Bosma

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