Thank you for your article on companies “Dumping the Boy Scouts of America.” As an Eagle Scout myself, I support the BSA and their long standing traditions. And to be sure those feelings are expressed to those that also need to hear it, I wrote the following message to the pro-homosexual “Scouting for All”:

“Thank you for publishing this information about the companies who continue to support the Boy Scouts of America and those who are withholding their support. As with many other issues, I believe it is up to an individual organization to choose how they want to run their group/company, just as it is up to an individual to decide how they want to live their life. And so I support the BSA’s right to establish or continue their own policies just as I respect the rights of companies to support or not support the BSA financially. As for me, being an Eagle Scout myself, I will support the BSA and those companies that stand with them. Conversely, I will not support those companies who are trying to pressure the BSA to act against their beliefs.

“I guess I don’t understand why you cannot simply create an organization that teaches the same skills as the BSA, but welcomes homosexual boys, girls, leaders and whomever else? There is no need to assault the BSA for being what they have always been and promoting what they have always taught.”

I believe it’s time to contact the BSA and political representatives about this as well. The courts have already upheld the BSA’s right to their policies, so this looks like nothing more than bullying by the SFA.


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