Is it possible that a book released half a year ago predicted the specific, second-term plans precisely as laid out by President Obama during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address?

Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, the authors of the New York Times bestselling book “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed”, say their work was vindicated in Tuesday night’s address.

In his speech, Obama even used some of the same titles of the plans first exposed in “Fool Me Twice.”

While Obama only highlighted the plans, Klein and Elliott’s book contains the full details of his agendas, including plans for the economy, jobs, environmental activism, immigration reform, health care and even a reduction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Aaron Klein already has exposed Obama’s second-term blueprint in “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed”

“Fool Me Twice” revealed even the titles of what would become Obama’s second-term agenda.

Last night, for example, Obama announcement what he called an Energy Security Trust.

He said the trust will “drive new research and technology to shift our cars and trucks off oil for good.” Obama did not go into more detail about the composition of such a trust.

“Fool Me Twice” contains an entire chapter section revealing plans for the trust, including the founding of a federal “green” bank or “Energy Independence Trust.”

The trust would borrow from the federal treasury to provide low-cost financing to private-sector investments in “clean energy,” the book relates.

The trust, concocted by the Center for American Progress, aims to hold sufficient reserves to protect the Treasury Department from loan losses and would offer a variety of debt- and equity-based financial instruments, loan guarantees and tax incentives to draw a wave of private capital into the so-called clean energy sector.

The book also divulges plans for a second-term “green” stimulus.

Living wage

In Tuesday’s speech, Obama outlined plans for a so-called living wage, another specific agenda first exposed in Klein’s book.

Obama stated: “Tonight, let’s declare that, in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty – and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour.

“So here’s an idea that Governor Romney and I actually agreed on last year: Let’s tie the minimum wage to the cost of living, so that it finally becomes a wage you can live on.”

“Fool Me Twice” contains the prescription for the implementation of a higher minimum wage that would “raise the floor for all employees” nationwide.

The book documents a coming “living wage” that would force all employers to increase the salaries of the nation’s workers to meet “basic needs” such as housing, food, utilities, transportation, health care and recreation.

Klein and Elliott warn that such a “living wage” – a pet project of the controversial ACORN – was previously attempted in over 80 U.S. cities, many times to disastrous affect.

Paycheck fairness

In his State of the Union, Obama called for the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act, claiming the legislation will help women to earn an “equal” living.

He stated, “I ask this Congress to declare that women should earn a – a living equal to their efforts and finally pass the Paycheck Fairness Act this year.”

“Fool Me Twice” first exposed that Obama will call for the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act. However, the book shows the plan is far more radical than “equal” pay for women.

Originally, “equal pay” legislation, such as the 1963 Equal Pay Act, had the goal of ensuring women would not be paid less for doing the same jobs as men.

The current progressive concept of equal pay, “Fool Me Twice” relates, would give the government sweeping powers to require employers to compensate workers according to an artificial calculation of a job’s “value” rather than what the private market is willing to pay.

Other powers would allow federal bureaucrats to decide which jobs are underpaid and would require employers to raise wages.

The government would also determine whether “bias” or “discrimination” exists in “equivalent” – but not equal – jobs based on race, sex, sexual orientation and other determining factors.

Warn Klein and Elliott: “In truth, Obama’s progressive conception of fairness is not the classic Marxist one, or Marx was the prophet and theoretician of a revolutionary working class. But today’s neo-socialist progressives have completely abandoned and betrayed the working class, along with small-business owners, in favor of a welfare class, a middle class ever more dependent on government hand-outs, and a progressive, liberal elite.”


During Tuesday’s speech, Obama called for a “Fix It First” program to fund the repairing of infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and tunnels.

He stated: “America’s energy sector is just one part of an aging infrastructure badly in need of repair. … So, tonight, I propose a ‘Fix-It-First’ program to put people to work as soon as possible on our most urgent repairs, like the nearly 70,000 structurally deficient bridges across the country.”

“Fool Me Twice” first documented expansive plans for infrastructure projects, including founding a National Infrastructure Bank and a new infrastructure plan modeled in the 2011 21st Century Works Progress Administration Act.

The legislation would “immediately put Americans to work rebuilding our nation and strengthening our communities,” according to its literature.

The 21st century reincarnation of Roosevelt’s WPA would operate under the auspices of a Works Progress Administration created within the Department of Labor and headed by the secretary of labor, the book relates.

The bill, proposed by Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg, D-N.J., proposes projects similar to those of the earlier era, including residential and commercial building weatherization; residential and commercial water-use efficiency improvement; highway, bridge and rail repair and maintenance; manufacturing projects; school, library and firehouse construction; soil erosion and pesticide runoff prevention; National Park and trail maintenance; and “other projects that are proposed by the eligible departments and determined appropriate by the Administration.”

Nuclear arsenal

While recognizing the emerging nuclear threats from rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea, Obama used his State of the Union to call for the U.S. and Russia to reduce its own nuclear arsenals.

He stated: “We’ll engage Russia to seek further reductions in our nuclear arsenals and continue leading the global effort to secure nuclear materials that could fall into the wrong hands, because our ability to influence others depends on our willingness to lead and meet our obligations.”

“Fool Me Twice” contains specific progressive plans to further scale back the nuclear arsenal.

The book documents how the major leagues of progressive groups with deep ties to the Obama administration got together to produce a comprehensive, 96-page report with specific recommendations for how Obama should reform the U.S. military during his second term in office.

The detailed report, titled “A Report of the Task Force on a Unified Security Budget for the United States” (or 2012 Unified Security Budget), lays out a future Obama “defense” agenda.

The Unified Security Budget is a joint product of the Center for American Progress, or CAP, and the Institute for Policy Studies, or IPS. Previous recommendations from the two groups’ yearly Unified Security Budgets have been adapted by the Obama administration.

“Fool Me Twice” relates the Unified authors strongly argue for the reduction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal to no more than 292 deployed nuclear weapons and the complete elimination of the Trident II nuclear missile – a process Obama already initiated in April 2010 when he signed a deal with Russia reducing stocks of weapons-grade plutonium.

Immigration reform

On immigration reform, Obama on Tuesday called for establishing a “responsible pathway to earned citizenship, a path that includes passing a background check, paying taxes and a meaningful penalty, learning English, and going to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here legally.”

He continued: “And real reform means fixing the legal immigration system to cut waiting periods and attract the highly skilled entrepreneurs and engineers that will help create jobs and grow our economy.”

This dual track – a pathway to citizenship while attracting more immigrants – was outlined in “Fool Me Twice,” which contains plans Obama may use to implement such an agenda, if necessary even without Congress.

Other second-term plans include a program for government agencies to immediately register as voters the new Americans who would receive amnesty

The second-term amnesty plans come in the form of interagency directives, legislative attempts and a series of executive orders similar to Obama’s June 2012 order to stop deporting young illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children if they meet certain requirements.

Specific amnesty plans documented in “Fool Me Twice” include a call for new restrictions placed on apprehending illegal aliens who are members of a newly defined “vulnerable population.”

The “vulnerable population” definition includes “individuals who provide financial, physical and other direct support to their minor children, parents or other dependents”—in other words, most illegal aliens inside the U.S.

Also grouped into the “vulnerable population” definition are “individuals who have been determined by a medically trained professional to have medical or mental health needs.” The specific mental or health needs are not defined.

Progressive policy reports delivered to the White House, mirrored by directives in the amnesty bill, invent a new class of illegals – those from “community-based” and “faith-based” organizations.

The amnesty plan would make it illegal to apprehend “undocumented” persons in the “premises or in the immediate vicinity of a childcare provider; a school; a legal-service provider; a federal court or state court proceeding; an administrative proceeding; a funeral home; a cemetery; a college, university, or community services agency; a social service agency; a hospital or emergency care center; a health care clinic; a place of worship; a day care center; a head start center; a school bus stop; a recreation center; a mental health facility; and a community center.”

The plans also prohibit the apprehension of pregnant or disabled illegal aliens.

Unrestricted visas, green cards

Other second-term progressive immigration plans documented in “Fool Me Twice” call for more immigrants to enter the U.S. legally.

The Center for American Progress, called the “idea center” of the Obama White House, highlighted those plans in a January 2012 report, “Immigration for Innovation: How to Attract the World’s Best Talent While Ensuring America Remains the Land of Opportunity for All.”

The center’s recommendations include eliminating the cap on the number of the H-1B visas provided to foreigners.

H-1B is the most widely used high-skilled immigration classification for temporary workers. Currently, the system is regulated by a congressionally established annual cap set at about 85,000 H-1B visas per year.

The CAP report also states the country isn’t giving out enough green cards. Currently, about 140,000 employment-based permanent visas, or “green cards,” are available each year. CAP asks the White House to remove the cap on those highly restricted visas.

The 2009 amnesty bill that “Fool Me Twice” shows forms the basis for future legislative and executive policies makes precisely the same CAP arguments for lifting the cap on visas in a section titled “Visa Reform.”

The bill’s solution, however, is to take the regulation of legal immigration away from Congress and vest it in an agency within the executive branch. The so-called Commission on Immigration and Labor Markets would establish “employment-based immigration policies that promote America’s economic growth and competitiveness while minimizing job displacement, wage depression and unauthorized employment in the United States.”

The executive branch, under the plan, would determine the number of new immigrants, as well as the people to whom visas would be issued.

Register new illegals as voters

“Fool Me Twice” documents specific, second-term progressive plans for government agencies to immediately register as voters the new Americans who would receive amnesty.

One such plan is outlined in a 32-page report from the progressive think tank Demos, “From Citizenship to Voting: Improving Registration for New Americans.”

Demos, like CAP, has been highly influential in crafting White House policy.

The Demos report was authored by Tova Andrea Wang, a senior fellow at both Demos and a group called the Century Foundation, which works closely with the Center for American Progress.

The Demos report calls for the United States Citizenship and Immigrant Services, the USCIS, to fully implement a new policy to ensure “new Americans” are provided with a voter registration application at all administrative naturalization ceremonies.

Ultimately, USCIS should be designated as a full voter registration agency under the National Voter Registration Act so that every newly naturalized American is automatically given the opportunity to register to vote.

The report also calls for state and local elections officials to be proactive in registering new citizens to vote by reaching out to their communities through every possible means.

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