A team of legal experts representing the Pro-Life Action League is asking the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation to investigate the case of Tonya Reaves, who died after a late-term abortion at a Planned Parenthood business in the Chicago area.

Reaves died last summer, and WND reported at the time that an autopsy revealed she was bleeding uncontrollably and never awoke from emergency surgery at a nearby hospital that was hoped to save her life.

The request for an investigation into the possibility of substandard care was submitted by the Thomas More Society on behalf of the Pro-Life Action League.

The controversial manner of Reaves’ death on July 20 triggered a storm of calls for abortion provider regulation in Illinois, which currently has almost no oversight of the abortion businesses.

The legal team said it submitted five single-spaced pages of evidence and testimony with numerous attached exhibits raising questions about the death based on evidence from the coroner’s report and other sources.

Reaves, 24, underwent a surgical abortion at Planned Parenthood’s “Loop Health Center” facility at 18 South Michigan Ave., in Chicago.

“While normally, such violations of professional medical standards would be reported to the Illinois Department of Public Health, all Illinois Planned Parenthood clinics are unlicensed. As a result, any investigation relating to sub-standard medical care on their part is entrusted to IDPR,” the Thomas More Society announcement said.

Its chief counsel, Tom Brejcha, said, “We request, respectfully but urgently, that the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation investigate and scrutinize all relevant facts surrounding the death of Tonya Reaves.

“It is IDPR’s solemn duty to protect patients from dangerous medical treatments, and Illinois citizens sorely need dependable assurance that Tonya Reaves’ tragedy will never be allowed to recur,” he said.

The “facts suggest a gross failure of the Planned Parenthood physician to communicate to hospital staff all of the relevant and urgent facts about this gravely endangered patient immediately upon her transfer to the hospital, amounting to a flagrant case of utterly unprofessional ‘patient abandonment,'” the request explains.

As WND reported earlier, the medical examiner’s report said Planned Parenthood performed an incomplete abortion and she complained of pain and was noticed to be swelling after the procedure.

Five and a half hours after the abortion, she was taken to a hospital, where a second abortion was performed because of remaining “conception products.” She continued to deteriorate and was taken into surgery for a hysterectomy.

An “uncontrollable bleed” was found and she died without waking up, some 12 hours after the initial abortion, the report said.

The Pro-Life Action League said the report “indicates that her left uterine artery-vein was possibly transected, which caused the uncontrollable bleeding.”

WND also reported earlier when pro-life leader Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics called on state attorney Anita Alvarez of Cook County, Ill., for an immediate investigation of Planned Parenthood for what he alleged was the murder of Reaves.

Crutcher cited the Illinois “depraved indifference murder” statute as being more than enough to warrant a thorough inspection of the death of the African-American woman – to determine if criminal charges can be pressed against Planned Parenthood.”

“If it can be shown that this young woman might have survived if emergency treatment had not been withheld from her for more than five hours, then this was not an accident and it was not medical malpractice,” Crutcher contends. “It was a homicide, and those responsible should be on the evening news wearing handcuffs and leg irons.”

The National Black Pro-life Coalition also is seeking to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for Reave’s death.

“At a minimum, Planned Parenthood was criminally negligent when they left Tonya bleeding in their facility for more than five hours,” said Walter B. Hoye, who serves as president and founder of the Issues4Life Foundation.  Planned Parenthood’s lack of action demonstrates a depraved indifference for the life of this young woman. Planned Parenthood must be held accountable for the death of Tonya Reaves.”

King for America founder Alveda King said, “We demand the unjust targeting of the black community by abortionists be investigated and immediately ended.”

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