Mr. Farah, you’ve summed it up well: “Government is out of control. It is unaccountable to both the people it is supposed to serve and the rule of law.”

An unaccountable federal government whose purpose is to create more government is a comfy racket to justify more spending and control. Talk about a shovel-ready nightmare – the federal leviathan eats up our personal liberty and economic freedom while we indentured servant-citizens shovel money into the bottomless bowels of politicians and bureaucrats.

Shades of the 18th century. Reigning ringmaster of this circus of staged crises and fiscal corruption is a British subject, Barack Obama, the great impostor and serial liar. He follows fellow devil “King” George W. Bush. Both have done to individual sovereignty and the Constitution what a filthy meat grinder does to a prime cut of beef.

The American dream is dead. The American nightmare lives. Where’s the exit sign, Joseph?

Ricardo B.

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