There are some crazy people out there misusing firearms, all right.

But they aren’t the kind of people who will be unable to murder, maim and commit mayhem under the new proposed restrictions on the possession of firearms.

They are, interestingly enough, irrational leftists – if that’s not a redundancy.

Take the example of Christopher Dorner, the former Los Angeles cop who has killed at least four people and swears he will continue his war on the LAPD until he dies. Have you read his manifesto? Have you seen his grievances? He actually seeks to use his violent actions with firearms to provide ammunition for efforts at disarming the citizenry and giving government a monopoly on force.

His heroes include CNN’s Piers Morgan whom he praises for his hysterical calls for gun control.

His enemies include the National Rifle Association for its outspoken support of the Constitution’s Second Amendment.

He idolizes Barack and Michelle Obama, who have so far done nothing to conduct any diplomatic efforts to get this maniac to surrender.

He’s a supporter of same-sex marriage and holds up Ellen DeGeneres as a role model. Has DeGeneres offered herself up as an intermediary to talk Dorner out of his one-man war?

He’s a fan of Charlie Sheen, Anderson Cooper, Chris Christie and Colin Powell. Does this guy sound like a conservative Republican?

No, he’s one more wacky leftist who hates guns and uses them to show how evil they are – even though the evil is within himself.

Worse yet, he appears to have been programmed to kill by those he admires so much.

He’s not alone.

How about the homosexual activist who attempted to kill every single employee at the Family Research Council in Washington – only to be stopped by a courageous security guard, Leo Johnson, who took a bullet for his coworkers.

Needless to say, Washington is a city with some of the strictest gun-control laws in the country. That didn’t stop Floyd Corkins from obtaining a gun to carry out a planned mass murder in the heart of the city.

No doubt Corkins believed in gun control, too.

He was inspired by his extremist, left-wing, shakedown artist friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center who had labeled both the FRC and me as purveyors of “hate” for opposing same-sex marriage and affirmative action-style programs for people based on their aberrant sexual proclivities.

Corkins pleaded guilty this month to a number of charges, including domestic terrorism. FBI evidence revealed that he was both motivated by and utilized the SPLC’s “anti-gay hate map” to target and locate his intended Christian mass murder victims. Further evidence reveals that the “hate map” – more accurately labeled “hit map” – even provided the exact location of FRC and other Christian groups found on Corkins’ hit-list with little red dots to helpfully pinpoint their precise locations.

Corkins told the FBI after the shooting that he intended to “kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-fil-A sandwiches (which he brought with him) in victims’ faces.” Prosecutors said that he planned to leave FRC after the attack and go to another conservative group to continue his reign of terror. A handwritten list of three other groups was found with his belongings while an investigation of Corkins’ computer revealed that he identified his targets on the SPLC website. The other groups were also maliciously listed by the SPLC as “hate groups.”

To date, the SPLC has not apologized for inspiring Corkins. Nor has the group changed its ways and removed the malicious lies and slanders it has published about peaceful conservative and Christian groups and individuals guilty only of expressing their First Amendment rights. By the way, neither has Barack Obama’s administration disavowed its long-standing relationship with SPLC, one of the many nutty groups it relies on for research and policy advice.

I could go back in time and provide dozens of other examples of violent, armed attacks perpetrated by leftist haters inspired by other leftist haters.

There are consequences for the purveyors of this kind of real “hate speech,” rather than the phony kind of “hate speech” for which the victims and targets are accused.

The real crazies, the real loons, the real loose cannons, the real haters, the real extremists are disproportionately found on the left side of the political spectrum.


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