You never hear or see the press cover the relentless war being waged by Muslims in Thailand. The enemedia’s silence on the jihad in Thailand is criminal.

Just last week, Islamic jihadists set off at least 12 bombs in Thailand, targeting stores, bars and other public areas, killing at least two people and wounding a dozen more. According to Thailand’s The Nation, “With the attacks happening one after the other, residents feared for their lives and carried their possessions out of their shops.”

My contact in Thailand reports that “Muslim terrorists set off at least 12 bombs over the weekend in southern Thailand. As usual, with the initial confusion and ongoing attacks there are conflicting reports about the numbers of deaths and injuries, with most news stories reporting four dead and another three or four critically injured, with two dozen or more less seriously injured. We’ve heard about some other deaths on the local radio so the casualty list might be revised upward tomorrow. The terrorists targeted stores, bars and public areas aiming to kill and maim as many civilians as possible. This could fairly be called an attack on the local economy with some of the terrorists also pretending to be customers and planting incendiary devices in retail stores. This is in line with the ongoing Muslim terror strategy to drive all Buddhists from Thailand’s south.”

Where are the cries of Islamic Buddhistophobia? Instead, all you hear about from the mainstream media is the ridiculous fiction of Islamophobia. Such suicidal foolishness is without precedent.

The Thai jihad is fierce, bloody and ongoing. In mid-February, according to Agence France Presse, “in one of the most deadly attacks in Thailand’s long-running insurgency, scores of heavily armed gunmen stormed a southern army base Wednesday, authorities said, leaving 16 militants dead. … A shadowy insurgency has been fighting for greater autonomy for the country’s southernmost provinces since 2004, with shootings and bombings occurring on a near-daily basis. More than 5,500 people have been killed, both Buddhist and Muslim, in the bloody conflict.”

“A shadowy insurgency.” Hmmm, who could that be?

None of the major news reports spoke of who attacked the Thai military base. This takes “journalism” to a whole new level – think about it. And it also, of course, emboldens the Muslim army: AFP quoted Matthew Wheeler, an ICG Southeast Asia analyst, saying this of the attack on the army base: “The attack Wednesday is ‘part of a trend’ towards bigger, bolder attacks by militants showing a new ‘willingness on the part of militants to engage the security forces head on.'”

And earlier in February, again according to The Nation, “armed men tied up four Buddhist fruit traders then shot them in the head one by one in the latest gruesome attack in Yala in the deep South early yesterday. Police found the bodies of the victims, who included a woman, with their hands tied behind their backs, in a house in Krong Pinang district at about 1 a.m.”

According to my source in Thailand: “Six Thai fruit buyers came to the south to purchase produce, but according to the jihadists they had one characteristic that meant they should be murdered: they were Buddhists, and therefore infidels. The six were innocent, hardworking people who travelled to the south to make a few pennies on each piece of fruit. But they were Buddhists: the enemy.”

Remember also: The U.S. is facing the same jihad, much as our feckless leaders deny it. My Thai source observes: “The only difference right now between jihad in the USA and in Thailand: There are no daily bombings and assassinations in the USA – for the time being. All the other types of jihad are waged daily in both Thailand and the USA: political agitation, news media misinformation, jihad in the schools, jihad in the courts, building new mosques with Saudi money, cries of ‘Islamophobia’ and demands for special treatment for Muslims. That’s happening in both countries. The missing piece in the USA is the daily car bombings and assassinations of teachers and other public officials.”

As part of my recent pro-freedom ad campaign, I ran an ad on New York City buses saying: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Thailand. Defeat jihad.” The media never bothered to cover this campaign; they only eviscerated the similarly worded ad defending Israel. Where’s the media and Islamic supremacist outrage at our campaign – or does Thailand and the slaughter of Buddhists not count?

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