Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh tried to explain why so many Americans – even some in the major media – treated rogue LAPD officer Christopher Dorner as some kind of hero (FREE audio).

“Dorner is a cop killer. That’s why he’s a hero,” Rush explained, adding, “I’m being sarcastic. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand, but that’s the truth. And he had legions of supporters, and I’m not kidding. There honestly are people upset the cops started that fire, the cops burned him up, the cops did this.”

Reflecting on Obama’s State of the Union address, Limbaugh said he’d uncovered the secret to the president’s “success” (FREE audio).

Obama never gets blamed for the terrible economy or anything else that’s wrong with America, Rush explained, because, “He doesn’t allow himself to be seen as governing. Yeah, he’s been elected, but he’s not governing. This explains the never-ending, perpetual campaign. Obama is constantly running against what’s wrong.”

Michael Savage

“Michael Savage, much to the consternation of my progressive friends, is the biggest star in Bay Area radio,” declared Rich Lieberman, a long time broadcasting industry insider based in Savage’s hometown of San Francisco.

“Savage has eclipsed that rare combo of broadcast inertia and appointment radio, Lieberman explained. “He makes it look easy. And unlike the majority of his brethren both locally and beyond, (Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, et al), he’s uniquely unpredictable and provides a cathartic three hours of everything you never expect.”

“The Savage Nation” aired at the same time as President Obama’s State of the Union address, prompting Dr. Savage to tell listeners (FREE audio), “Watching the prelude to the State of the Union speech, I feel like I’m looking at the Ukrainian parliament. The only difference is, they’d be punching each other out. At least we the people would get some entertainment out of that. … All I see is a bunch of grifters slapping each other on the back. You just know they’re cutting deals in the back room. I don’t even feel it’s my country anymore.”

Mark Levin

“Keep your grubby hands off our society!”

That was Mark Levin’s reaction to what he called Obama’s “State of Confusion Speech.”

He played clips of the president’s address and added his own unique commentary, asking at one point, “Is Obama a certifiable idiot?” (FREE audio).

Real estate mogul Donald Trump joined Levin to mock the State of the Union address, taking time to criticize Karl Rove and John McCain as well (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Could the U.S. government be spying on you? Aaron Klein explained why your private information might be at risk. He also investigatee whether or not the Obama administration is involved in a “guns-to-jihadists” cover-up (FREE audio).

In an electrifying segment, Klein talked with the founder of Code Pink about drone strikes abroad. As a resident of Israel, Klein offered special insights into Obama’s upcoming visit to the Holy Land.

Laura Ingraham

Scholar Heather MacDonald explained to Laura why so many Americans consider cop killer Chris Dorner a hero.

“Colleges put great effort into making students believe that society is dominated by racism and that the police are all corrupt and advance racist agendas,” MacDonald explained. “Parents should become more knowledgeable of what administrators at colleges are doing and what professors are teaching their children.”

On the topic of America’s demographic explosion, Ingraham talked to Jonathan Last, the author of the new book, “What to Expect When No One’s Expecting.”

He noted that “abortions effect African-American children the most … our fertility rate started to decline in 1968 … without immigration, our birth rate is right where Europe is.”

The declining birth rate means “less people who can contribute to social programs like Social Security and Medicare. More people bought adult diapers for the elderly than baby diapers” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

“There are a lot of crazy people out there on the left that want anarchy, they want the top to come down,” Beck told his audience, trying to explain the bizarre fascination some individuals had with fugitive Chris Dorner, whose “manifesto” featured a number of “liberal” talking points (FREE video).

“They desperately want to paint the right as violent, but the trend seems to suggest that the left wants violence,” Beck added.

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