Joseph Farah:

Although I have grave trepidation about the U.S. recovering from BHO’s willful devastation, when augmented by the immoral cowards in Congress and the Supreme Court, I can’t be at peace with myself if I do nothing to combat it. So for the last three months, I’ve been pondering my best parry. Following Christ’s advice, “By their fruit you’ll know them,” I started a list of the leftists’ fruit, and it didn’t take a genius to recognize it as Satan’s modus operandi – the diametric opposite of God’s Ten Commandments.

In appreciation of your sterling Christian leadership (like your national billboard campaign featuring the Ten Commandments), after being prompted by your column “Why do liberals hate God?” to get off my inert (but a bit shaky) center, I now share my list with you:

Ten Commandments of the Left

1) Worship your ego as the end to justify your means;
2) Revere your appetites and idolize your passions;
3) Desensitize, muddle and convert your adversaries;
4) Labor for nanny statism by the slackers’ votes;
5) Cripple moral rule by exploiting needs and calamities;
6) Murder by expedient, selfish, heartless choice;
7) Celebrate any sexuality except husband and wife;
8) Thieve whatever you crave, if the risk is palatable;
9) Lie to soothe your whims, especially for vengeance;
10) Covet anything or any body that turns you on.


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