Just a warning: If you are looking for something lighthearted, go YouTube one of the Oscar winner’s acceptance speeches and X out of this window immediately.

A disturbing video was posted last week that illustrated one of the mandatory re-education programs government employees in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) were forced to attend.

The “educator” leading the program forces everyone in the room to “thank black folks.”

He forces them to repeat in cult-like mantra that “America was founded by outsiders, who are today’s insiders, who get very nervous about today’s outsiders.” 

He claimed the pilgrims were “illegal aliens” and spends the next few minutes promoting amnesty.

The indoctrination, paid for by you the taxpayer, even included this humiliating, mandatory, sing-a-long by all those in attendance who were forced to repeat together, “Every federal agency has discriminated against African-Americans, Hispanics, Native American Indians and other groups.”

At the end of the video, the instructor claims he does not like the term minorities and then mockingly claims they should instead be called “emerging majorities.”

Reminiscent of the re-education centers of Maoist China or Soviet Russia, this clearly illustrates the government’s goal in promoting the state religion of white guilt with acceptance of equality-of-outcome as the only salvation.

It’s all too clear the political class within the United States is viciously opposed to middle-America Caucasians.

The political class ignores concern about rampant illegal immigration, which is destroying the United States.

They ignore fears about our budgetary crisis, which will result in a debt inherited by your children and grandchildren.

The political class ignores gun-control statistics and continues to scapegoat responsible gun owners as dangerous menaces to society.

Rest assured, though: The political class might ignore your concerns, but they are not ignoring you.

The United States government is apparently readying itself for a massive war against Middle America.

 As reported on Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, targets with images of gun-wielding children, grandparents and pregnant mothers have been purchased by law enforcement agencies.

According to Infowars, the company Law Enforcement Targets Inc. has over $ 5.5 million dollars worth of contracts with the federal government.

Over $2 million of those contracts are with the Department of Homeland Security. 

The article also points out that the DHS has purchased billions of rounds of ammunition.

The DHS supposedly has on hand about five bullets for each man, woman and child living in the United States.

Dark times my friends, very dark times.

If Waco and Ruby Ridge tell us anything, it’s that the federal government has a history of killing non-traditional combatants like young mothers and innocent kids.

The choice seems to be clear. Adjust, or we’re prepared to eliminate you.

The government seems to have a clear understanding that to achieve the diverse America they have plotted out, most Americans need to be forcibly brainwashed.

At the very least, they hope most will go along with the herd if they understand that their ability to economically sustain themselves in the job market comes under threat if they dissent from the diversity narrative.

Take it from me.

I was a target of the diversity-government complex myself at the hands of what some refer to as the “fourth branch of the U.S. government” – the liberal media.

After a number of statements that dared to question the merits of multicultural America were published in what amounted to a Sports Illustrated hit piece, the liberal media went into overdrive.

It seemed as if the entire polyglot city of New York (formerly of America) was ready to hang me in the center of Times Square.

Questions about how Major League Baseball could cope with such a vile and dangerous fellow among their ranks were raised.

Grand Inquisitor Bud Selig, Overlord of the Diamond, decided I needed to attend mandatory sensitivity training sessions to atone for my sins.

Fortunately, that too passed, and despite the emotional trauma it wreaked upon my family and me, and the unwarranted reputation I will forever bear, it was merely one of the first shots in what looks to be a very long war. A war the liberal media has no intention of losing with their main weapon of choice coming in the form of vitriol and castigating commentary aimed at any individual who dares stray from their self-derived brand of “correct thought.” I was one of the first victims of such a warfare tactic, but certainly have not and will not be the last. Just as the British hanged traitors in the town square as a stern warning, so too does our liberal media seek to put on a pedestal of disgrace those who dare choose to express thoughts that taste different from their brand of Kool-Aid.

I am a successful guy, but I shudder to think about the average Joe working a 9 to 5 who’s forced to attend a ridiculous session in which his culture is denigrated. He can’t afford to speak up and lose his job, so he remains silent and consents to the tortuous humiliation being imposed upon him.

Your government does not care about your problems. It wants you to sheepishly accept the diversity narrative – and it has enough firepower, along with the will, to take out any and all dissenters.

This might seem a bit radical to some, but that’s what the math is telling me.

Wake up. Stop dreaming. Turn off the talking heads. Pay attention.

This is your country, and you are losing it along with your right to exist one step at a time.

The elites hope you won’t notice. Let’s prove them wrong.

Quote of the week: “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take everything you have.” – Gerald Ford

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