Os Guinness’ insight is most helpful in the examination – and battle – for the soul of the Republican Party:

“[I]f there are no universals or absolutes, then ‘normality’ is also relative and must be dictated by an arbitrary absolute created either by the state or by the consensus of the population. This is true whether ‘normality’ refers to morality or sanity, badness or madness. One man’s ‘normality’ can become an implied or explicit judgment of another man’s ‘abnormality,’ whether mental or moral. Or, the assertion of one man’s ‘abnormality’ may be an assertion of freedom from the other man’s ‘normality.’ A man’s refusal to admit any degree of ‘abnormality’ in himself leads to the process of rationalization required to maintain his ‘normality’ at the expense of the other man’s ‘normality.’ This process tends to rationalize violence, for men justify their mistreatment of others by considering them as ‘abnormal’ simply because others differ from them.”

Last election cycle, the GOP chieftains and lieutenants’ political killing of Todd Akin – yet funding, to the tune of $1 million, liberal, homosexual-activist candidate Richard Tisei – brings clarity to the philosophy of the Permanent Republican Majority, Karl Rove’s brainchild.

The amoral Permanent Republican Majority’s attempt to become the “normality” of the Republican Party – the concept of transmission being political triangulation that takes the place of principled conservative beliefs based upon conviction and moral absolutes – is troubling.

Christians participating in picking up a Republican House or Senate seat – ignoring a candidate’s behavior, ethics or integrity – is idolatry and worship of a false god and ultimately will collapse due to faulty construction to the foundation.

The Permanent Republican Majority’s “normality” – i.e., picking up Republican seats regardless of biblical virtue, righteousness, or standard of decency – is opposite of the ideology espoused by the wisest man – politically – that ever lived: “Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

The glory of a nation lies in its righteousness, not in its wealth or military might. If the key to maintaining sustainable freedom is righteousness – opposite of the credo and philosophy of the Permanent Republican Majority – Republicans and America are in a world of hurt.

Worse, Christian values – generally housed within the Republican Party – are being painted as “abnormal” in the attempt by the honcho’s of Republican establishment to legitimize homosexual marriage within the Grand Old Party.

The USS Rove and its destroyer escorts’ postulation that their empty political philosophy is the gold standard for “being electable” – when in truth it’s a lust for power and money – challenges the notion that biblical values, virtue and Christian “normality” permit a democratic people to remain free.

Freedom always faces a fundamental moral challenge, for virtue is a key component of freedom. Taking the Permanent Republican Majority’s route, in the end, will destroy the Republican Party initially, then America’s freedom.

Someone’s values are going to reign supreme in America. In God’s economy – from a biblical perspective – the foundation that allows sustainable freedom and guards the nation consists of justice and righteousness.

Proverbs 20:28 says, “Mercy and truth preserve the king; and he upholdeth his throne by mercy.”

Michael V. Fox notes, “God’s loyalty and fidelity guard the king, but other proverbs about the foundation and security of the throne (nation) make it dependent on the king’s (nation’s) virtues.”

Having lost our Judeo-Christian heritage and its byproduct, a Christian culture, secular America cannot absorb the virtues and values that Wisdom brings – knowledge, insight, prudence, cunning, discretion, learning, guidance, counsel, understanding, competence, resourcefulness, heroic strength – it sounds like Pig Latin.

The establishment of a just and righteous society is primarily the responsibility of America’s pastors and pews; alas, deceived by the lie of the “separation of church and state,” the salt has lost if savor in this civil society.

Profiteering off of this empty, amoral political philosophy – which calls evil good and good evil – when carried to its logical conclusion results in the collapse of the Republican Party.

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