The Obama administration shovels it on so thick, I needed new hip boots.

The old ones wore out and the new pile of you-know-what being dumped on American citizens is beyond the pale. It’s getting deep.

These people send their minions to speak for them – read that Jay Carney, the Obama press spokes-mouth who has mastered the art of lying with a straight face, as have so many in the Cabinet, the Pentagon and bureaucracies.

Carney looks so innocent and sounds so sincere, it’s no wonder so many believe him.

It’s too bad that the people paid to think and ask cogent questions – read that: journalists – don’t do their jobs. They just buy the Obama line, print or report it and move on.

It’s a wonder Carney can even shave, because his nose is getting bigger every day, just like Pinocchio.

Then again, I could say the same about the man who is president.

He spouts platitudes, telling people what he thinks they want to hear. Too many Americans believe him – after all, he did get re-elected – and we get the shaft every time.

The all-out, daily assault on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, both from the Oval Office and from the various apparatchiks in government, should send a chill down all our spines.

The First Amendment – free speech and free press. We have them, don’t we?

Well, yes, unless you speak or write critically about Muslims or Islam or terrorism or the reason for our current “wars” – or whatever else might insult the “religion of peace.”

Then, watch your tongue.

Be careful if you disagree with homosexual “rights,” whether in civilian life or in the military. Be extra cautious if you don’t agree with gay marriage or gays adopting children, or if you have any disagreement with anything gay or lesbian or bi- or trans- or queer or whatever the next interpretation of human sexuality surfaces.

Our speech is limited, and scarcely anyone objects.

Freedom of religion – well, sort of, unless you want a Christmas tree in a school or in public, even though Christmas is a legal, national holiday for everyone regardless of beliefs.

Woe be the child who gives classmates Christmas cards or who, in too many jurisdictions, wears red or green to school during that holiday season.

What “holiday season?”

Oh, right. Christmas. But don’t dare say “Merry Christmas.”

Those who object to such cultural traditions are the same people who have no compunction about brainwashing our children in tax-supported schools to hate our country, question our values and subvert our military.

Emboldened by these inroads into our religious freedom, we now have the man who is president leading a vicious charge against religious institutions and private businesses, attempting to force them to violate their faith by requiring compliance with a constitutionally questionable health-care law.

And, of course, he wields the big ax, levying astronomical fines, aimed at destroying whoever disagrees.

The Second Amendment – the right of the American people to keep and bear arms, with no infringement.

The big guy in D.C. doesn’t know the meaning of that last word.

He sees it that the right of the government to tell the American people whether or not they can have a gun, what kind of gun, how many bullets and under what circumstances shall not be infringed.

In other words, Big O is in charge, like it or not.

We’ll see.

The Fourth Amendment – security against unreasonable search and seizures and security for our selves, homes, papers and belongings.

That’s also under assault.

There are threats against firearm ownership and proposed national registration and the concomitant ability of the state to check up on us and ultimately confiscate our property.

There’s also the total loss of our medical and personal privacy under the new health care law – requirements that a national database contain all our medical information, prescription regulation and any other information they want.

It’s happening now and we have no way to prevent or stop it.

The 10th Amendment – the states have rights for issues not specifically delegated to the feds by the Constitution.

Let’s see, where does the Constitution tell us what kind of light bulbs we can have, or what kind of toilet, or how much water to use in each flush, or how much water to use in our showers or what temperature the water must be, or what kind of gasoline we can use in our vehicles or even what kind of vehicles we can drive?

That’s just a bare glance at the tentacles of government intruding into every part of our lives.

The 14th Amendment, Section 1, protects the rights of all citizens, those born here or naturalized.

Yet we find ourselves, with the acquiescence of the man who is president, allowing millions of illegal aliens to assume the rights and privileges of citizenship.

We’ve allowed them to enter this country illegally for years and have enabled them to stay, work, get housing, medical care, education and other benefits to the detriment of the budgets of local and state jurisdictions. We give them driver’s licenses, ID cards and even the right to vote.

Now, in a final act of chutzpah, the Big O is telling us that we have to make them citizens, and too many politicians cave to the proposal because of the perceived power they’ll get.

Is there a plan to stop the flow of illegals? No, which means the numbers will only increase when they know they have a free pass.

They may be illegals, but they’re not stupid.

The stupid ones are those selling out this country.

Some might call it treason.

Some might be right.

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