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Why we must invade North Korea

What is your duty on this Earth?

Sources on all levels as well as “secret” and smuggled footage confirm, without doubt, what we have long known: North Koreans starve to death while their piglet dictator plays at nuclear war.

They have no national industry to speak of. The food we give them is sold in markets where children grovel for grains of rice in the mud. North Korea has one presumed ally, China, which is increasingly irritated by her clownish posturing.

Among the most famous Korean proverbs is: Beans come from where they are planted, and red beans come from where red beans are planted. As in Matthew 7:16 it means, “You shall know a tree by its fruit.”

Marx, Lenin and even Stalin would disassociate themselves from North Korea. Her forcibly impoverished “citizens,” who live in constant fear of imprisonment, die as a matter of course for lack of basic nourishment. Famine is conventional. Her primary domestic product is infant mortality.

Millions would have been saved had Chamberlain, Roosevelt and others acted sooner. As with North Korea’s death machine, the fact of the Holocaust, starting as early as the slaughter of 50,000 at Babi Yar, was multiply, independently and verifiably sourced, yet we failed to act. Europe’s innocents disappeared as we accommodated Hitler.

By our shameful retreat from Vietnam and Cambodia – as we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory – we invited the slaughter of millions of innocent civilians and turned away as untold numbers, many tortured to death, populated the killing fields.

Aside from “stay out of Afghanistan” and “never invade Russia,” what is the core lesson of modern warfare?

Is there anything in your life more important than fighting evil?

North Korea’s missiles don’t work very well. Kim Jong-Un is a paper tiger, and there are 20 million lives to save.

What is your duty on this Earth?

The time is long past for us and the world’s armies, including those of China, to help our Korean brothers and sisters.