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What is the best way to prevent rape?

Rape was a big issue in the 2012 election.

To listen to Karl Rove, it was Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” remark that cost not just a Senate race in Missouri but the Republican election debacle, from Mitt Romney’s loss to virtually every other contest in which the so-called “architect” was involved with his well-funded super PACs.

The media crucified Akin for his misunderstood and widely misinterpreted statement in one interview.

America was led to believe that not only Todd Akin, but all Republicans were insensitive toward women who had been raped.

But this week we got confirmation that the real insensitivity about prevention of rape is right smack dab in the heart of the Democratic Party, which claims to be the true champion of women’s rights.

How should woman protect themselves? Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar says it’s easy. Women only need to do one of the following things to avoid the attack:

In other words, women should do anything short of fighting back or arming themselves with defensive weapons.

This is the new norm in Colorado, apparently, where earlier the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs offered even more idiotic ideas about how woman could dissuade rapists. These included:

This is the totality of the liberal anti-rape strategy.

Why? Because they don’t want women arming themselves – apparently not even with mace or martial-arts skills.

Now, I know Todd Akin. I know what he believes about how women should defend themselves from rapists. He believes they, just like men, have a God-given right to self-defense and a constitutionally protected right to bear arms. He has been an ardent defender of gun rights for self-protection.

So I ask you: Who has a more ridiculous position on rape – Todd Akin or liberal Democratic disarmers of women?

And where were the media that jumped all over Todd Akin for his verbal gaffe when the University of Colorado and Rep. Joe Salazar embarrassed themselves with such insensitive and anti-women advice?

While Salazar apologized later for his remarks, it’s worth pointing out that Akin did, too.

But which remarks actually had the effect of disempowering women and making them likelier victims of rape?

I would suggest to you there is no doubt that it was the latter suggestions by the university and Salazar.

The difference is the media will just let people like Salazar off the hook. Why? Because he’s a liberal Democrat, not a conservative Republican.

In fact, I haven’t even heard Karl Rove comment on the insanity of telling women to vomit or whistle to fend off sexual attackers.

There is a reason Americans are arming themselves in record numbers – women included. It’s because the government can’t protect them. Police response time is too long. Everyone knows this. People who suggest otherwise are not living in the real world.

They are more concerned about justifying government’s overwhelming urge to disarm the American public than they are about the rights of women and other potential crime victims.

Let’s face it: Women would be safer from attack in a world governed by Todd Akins than Joe Salazars.

Akin would ensure women have the right to bear arms, while Salazar would ensure women had the right to bear whistles.

Which policy makes more sense to you?

Which policy is more anti-women?

Which policy is more likely to avert sexual assaults?

You know the answer. It’s common sense.

But common sense has never been a strong suit among liberal Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media.

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