(POLICY MIC) — Chuck Norris is far more philosophically qualified than Chuck Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense. On a range of foreign policy issues, Norris consistently shows himself to be an advocate of this nation maintaining peace through strength, remaining true to our friends, and providing a beacon of moral clarity to the world. Chuck Hagel, on the other hand, seems to support “containment” of the gravest threats to civilization, speaks out against our most steadfast ally in the Middle East, and hesitates to join others in condemning evil.

Of great concern is the support Chuck Hagel has earned from the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Apparently, the ministry has endorsed Hagel. This should come as no surprise. While being interviewed on Al Jazeera, Hagel agreed with a listener that America is the “world’s bully.” Such bias against his own nation is unbecoming of a defense secretary. The perspective is divorced from reality and aligns with history revisionists.

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