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Why Jefferson's natural-law prescription is best

Re: “What’s Obama’s real objective?”

I cannot quarrel with your conclusion that Obama is at war with America. Certainly he is warring against Thomas Jefferson’s prescription for America. But what is new about this?

Every “progressive” president back to, and including, Abraham Lincoln, has done that. Lincoln worked to supplant Jefferson’s federative vision with Alexander Hamilton’s dream of a unitary nation. Some of Lincoln’s successors, such as Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge, were not progressives, but most were. Every one of them warred against the Americanist vision of Thomas Jefferson.

So, I say, what is new? What we Jeffersonians must do is explain why Jefferson’s natural-law prescription beats the “anything goes” recommendation of Hamilton & Company.

Thank you very much for trying your best to do that.

Gordon F. Corbett