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Wingnuts are the problem

I’m new to reading WND, and I have to thank you for publishing your very amusing satirical articles and opinions. I’d like to add a word of caution: There actually ARE true lunatics who believe the Obama administration intends to abrogate the Second Amendment and take guns away from law-abiding citizens. As a gun owner myself, I am much more concerned about those fear-mongering right-wingnuts threatening the peace and stability of our great nation than I am about the Obama administrations plans.

So you might want to tone down your satirical “stories” lest some of your readers confuse them with actual facts. But I think your articles about impeaching Obama are the most entertaining. It appears that you have actually convinced a small number of your readers that wasting their time pursuing impeachment is a sensible and useful pursuit. Well, as they say, “it takes all kinds.” Keep up the good work!

Don Haggerty