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Yes! This was the plan all along

Re: “What’s Obama’s real objective?”

Dear Joseph Farah,

Welcome to reality. I have been telling/preaching/insisting to everyone who will listen over the past four years that Obama was not just inept at handling our government but that everything he has done was, and is, being done to perfection. His sole purpose was/is to destroy America as we know it and to install Islam as the central religion and law.

He is right on track with his plan, and almost all of America cannot bring themselves to accept this point. Most of the people I talk to think I am really out of it – that Obama would not ever do something like this. The danger of their stance is that it makes it impossible for them to “see” what Obama is really doing. They cannot accept the possibility of this view; therefore, it does not, and cannot, exist in real life. That’s why Obama can continue with his plan unopposed and fully aided by the mainstream media.

Finally, someone else has seen the real plan behind Obama’s actions, and the success he is having in carrying them out. Hopefully you will have much better success at alerting people to Obama’s true goals than I have

Lt. Col. Lynn Grant, USAF Ret.