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You ought to be shot!

Re: “Time to roll back all gun bans”


You ought to be shot for your comments – from a cannon with a long “Don’t Tread on Me” banner trailing behind you.

I know I have heard your name before and must have heard you on the radio or quoted, but now I think I have a man crush.

Your thoughts and writings have jelled things that were just swirling around in my mind. What to do, what to say, who or what group(s) to support.

In the past year or so, I decided to join the NRA to throw support into a large group. I did/do so with a huge reservation, as I think it’s more concerned with its survival than “our” survival. I think it is very similar to the United Way CEO, who was caught spending lavishly traveling about the world instead of squeezing two nickels together and making a quarter. Really, do I need cheap life insurance, a wine club membership or a Chinese made knife and LED flashlight as a thank you gift from the NRA? I think not! I don’t even know if I can email ol’ Wayne.

As you well know, this is not about guns, per se. It runs much deeper. I think the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” has done a good job (for me) at pinpointing how and where this is emanating from. Because I’m not finished with the book, I do not know if he offers any suggestions to solving the problem.

I shall be on the offensive from now on and not on the defensive. I shall be sure to include those thoughts in all I write and communicate.

In closing, I wish as many felt as strongly about America and this issue as they do about the Super Bowl or “American Idol.”

Doug Schneider