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1,000 students in wild riot on Ohio campus

(DAYTON DAILY NEWS) — University of Dayton administrators will meet this week to evaluate a riot involving more than 1,000 people causing police from 10 jurisdictions to respond to the student campus housing area also known as the UD ghetto early Sunday morning.

After more than two decades without a major St. Patrick’s Day incident, the university had a violent “disturbance” that left broken beer bottles and 11 damaged cars, including a police cruiser, on Kiefaber Street, according to a university official.

“We would describe what happened as a disturbance, said Andy Booher, a lieutenant with the Dayton Police Department. “It was quickly contained because of the response by University police and other jurisdictions.”

News Center 7 crews on the scene reported students jumping on top of cars, throwing glass beer bottles into the street and yelling at police officers.