Video of Ivie’s “Best of Festival” acceptance speech can be seen below:

Another judge for the Independent Christian Film Festival, Curtis Bowers, also said of Ivie, "That's a young man we want to invest in, because he's going to change the world with his films."

In recounting his recent journey to become a Christian, Ivie recounted for the audience his epiphany while watching these young kids that no one wanted.

"I saw all these kids come through this drop box with deformities and disabilities, and eventually – like a heaven flash – I realized that I was one of those kids too; that I have a crooked soul, and God is a father who loves me still," Ivie said.

He then challenged the audience with a call to total surrender to God, much like these orphans: "This world is so much about self-reliance and self-esteem, self-worth, and these kids . . . can't be self-reliant, because they have these disabilities.

"The total illusion is that we can be self-reliant," Ivie said, "because we rely on God for every breath that we take. And the day that we stop realizing that we are disabled is the day that we stop fighting for Christ as the only one who enables."

Sen. Rick Santorum also attended the awards ceremony and commended the SAICFF for their role in the culture wars.

"You are the ones who shape the culture, and Washington, D.C., is simply a reflection of that," said Santorum. "So I just wanted to come here to encourage you and to thank you. . . . This country needs you."

Ivie assured the audience that he plans to continue the fight and press on with the help of God.

For more information on the film, "The Drop Box," or to watch the film trailer, click here.

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