By Susan D. Harris

Our children’s souls are being plucked from our grasp. We change their diapers, wipe their noses, sacrifice, worry and pray for them – but we have dwindling control over their teachers, friends or the media, which are constantly demanding they drop any inherent disgust with depraved sexual acts in lieu of embracing them not only with tolerance, but preference.

It’s an oft forgotten fact that life in the 20th century changed more rapidly than it had thousands of years prior. Moral and social norms tried frantically to evolve as quickly, but failed on many fronts. We become addicted to change, panting after cutting edge technology and advancing science as eagerly as we broke long established social norms in a quest to be the newest and best version of what it means to be human. In the rush, we mistakenly view the centuries before us through the prism of recently morphed values. Early photographs of women walking arm-in-arm are assumed to be lesbians – in much the same way Ruth’s well-known declaration for Naomi is now said to be the most touching example of biblical, lesbian love.

Years ago, a national chain bookstore displayed a giant poster of the bard for Gay History Month. Many of us who had studied Shakespeare for years stood gaping and perplexed. A quick Internet search shows many Americans now accept Shakespeare as gay or bisexual.

I once asked a retired English professor why the gay community adopted Shakespeare. “They don’t understand the times. In days of old, men often formed a strong bond and affection that was not expressed in the way they do today,” he said. “It wasn’t homosexual in nature, but similar to the bond formed among firefighters or soldiers who share close quarters and risk their lives together; or police partners or sports figures who share a daily, intense, necessary trust as they work toward a common goal.”

For nearly 2,000 years, Christians recognized homosexuality as a sin. As late as the 1960s, every U.S. state had some law regarding sodomy. As morals broke down and homosexual activists became more vocal, those laws fell like dominoes. By 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Lawrence v. Texas, invalidating the remaining sodomy laws in 14 states. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor writing the concurrence. Justice Kennedy wrote that, “When homosexual conduct is made criminal by the law of the state, that declaration in and of itself is an invitation to subject homosexual persons to discrimination both in the public and in the private spheres.” With that conclusion, the moral and theological beliefs that crafted the laws of this country were swept aside as not only obsolete, but criminal in themselves.

Surely there is no reason Obama’s Justice Department won’t reference this precedent as it urges the Supreme Court to uphold same-sex marriage in California, while at the same time “reminding” them that states would be violating the Constitution if they offer same-sex couples civil unions, but deny them the right to marry. Many in the LGBT community are asking, via social media, for Obama to use an executive order to legalize gay marriage. They may just get their wish. From Obama’s inauguration speech to the first lady’s veiled shout out to gay rights during the Academy Awards, they seem hell-bent on making history.

While many Christians believe abortion is the greatest moral dilemma of our time, there is plenty of evidence to suggest it’s been usurped by homosexuality. The gay-friendly Queen James Bible is a translation that was edited to “prevent homophobic misinterpretation of God’s word.” That snuck up on our youth while Christians were still holding their decades old protests at Planned Parenthood.

With the rapid transformation from baby boomers, to Generation X to Generation Q, we may not have that many abortions to worry about in the years to come. One has to wonder if the bigger motive behind the homosexual agenda isn’t to secretly achieve voluntary population control: Perhaps the ultimate goal is to save the planet from the inevitable destruction of man-made climate change. One could conclude that the sustainability efforts behind Agenda 21 would greatly benefit from same-sex partners who would no longer pollute the planet with the unwanted carbon footprints of tiny feet. Even those diesel-spewing school buses could become a welcomed relic of the past if enough people stopped procreating.

Facebook lists an innumerable amount of pages geared toward homosexuality, including LGBT Equality World Wide, LGBT Youth Project, LGBT Community/Government and LGBTQ Nation. “Q” apparently stands for “queer,” though some websites say it stands for “questioning.” In another acronym, LGBTQA, the “A” standing for “allies.” There are hundreds of thousands of people following these organizations on Facebook and other media, especially if you add in offshoots like “Pansexuality,” “Wipe Out Homophobia” and oddities like “Bert and Ernie Get Married” and the TV show, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys.”

Chances are, if you’ve got a teenager on Facebook, they have been lured by curiosity to at least one of these sites. In addition to social media, well-known gay celebrities in comedy, news and music beat a steady drumbeat of tantalizing homosexual ideology for America’s youth.

College campuses are filled with organizations similar to Syracuse University’s LGBT Resource Center, a unit within the Division of Student Affairs. There are multiple affiliates, like Generation Q: A Learning Community. This organization is, “open to selected upper-class students serving as peer educators.” It is also open to students “interested in academic courses that focus on gender and sexuality.” Students are “encouraged to make connections with faculty involved with the LGBT studies program.” What could possibly go wrong with that arrangement? While everyone is busy being shocked at the scandals of the Catholic Church, they are silent on red flags in secular organizations.

Generation Q lives and breathes an intense obsession of their sexuality that is disturbing to outsiders. Insiders include gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, pansexuals and basically everyone who does not adhere to the archaic idea of a man and woman being attracted to each other, marrying and having children. More importantly, it consists of allies who loudly champion the cause for family and friends already immersed in this destructive culture.

Christians still clinging to their archaic Bibles are labeled “homophobic.” Facebook pages like “Wipe Out Homophobia” regularly share cartoons and virtual posters mocking Christians and spinning Bible verses that portray their new version of Jesus as cheering homosexuality.

To make matters worse, adults who identify themselves as Christians are accepting homosexual friends, family and strangers en masse, with no intention of causing chaos at the family picnic by identifying their family member’s lifestyle as a sin. One often hears remarks like, “But they’re so cute together,” and “They love each other.” How can a Christian oppose love? Christians and non-Christians alike puff up their chests with tolerant pride as they befriend homosexuals and teach their children to accept and embrace the LGBT community. In short, a house divided is already falling, much to the joy of those who spend every waking moment preaching “tolerance” as they obliterate tolerance toward others.

We have reached the point where neither American laws nor accepted cultural norms will protect my rights as a Christian to protect my child from what my faith teaches is sinful and perverse behavior. Americans must not back down in the face of constant intimidation. The first step begins at home: naming the sin and teaching our children to love the sinner but hate the sin. The LGBT agenda is ensuring that our tiny tots are taught homosexuality before we’ve even broken them of thumb-sucking. By the time they are teenagers – feeling “different” like millions of teenagers before them – they are being sucked into the LGBTQ lifestyle because their parents and their communities put acceptance of man’s lusts above God’s law.

Our youth are embarking on a lonely, dark path of sexual confusion and its resulting sadness, disease and suicide. There will be no going back. Generation Q may have already slipped through our fingers.

Susan D. Harris is a freelance conservative writer located in Upstate New York. Her work has appeared in American Thinker and the Blaze. She’s a contributor to The Right Side Blog

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