(Frontpage) — If the many postings I’ve seen on Facebook this weekend are any indication, the story of Nicky Howse, as told in the Daily Mail on Saturday, has already achieved a good deal of visibility on both sides of the Atlantic, which is terrific. But in my view absolutely everybody in the free world should know about this, and here – in addition to my own Facebook posting – is my small attempt to help get the word out.

Petty Officer Nicky Howse, 32, who has been a helicopter technician in the Royal Navy for fifteen years, serving in Afghanistan and elsewhere, is now, on a three-month deployment in California. Recently she had to return from Los Angeles to Britain to attend her grandfather’s funeral. She flew Virgin Atlantic, and wore her uniform, and the entire flight passed without incident. Last Monday, however, when she turned up at Heathrow to fly back to LAX, the trouble started at once.

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