Mr. Farah,

I have enjoyed WND for a number of years now and recommend your website to friends, family, people I have academic arguments with and even quoted WND numerous times while researching college papers. The articles are great and almost always well researched to give factual accounts.

I normally agree with the vision and mission of WND, but I have to say that the article written by Scott Greer, “Sex offenders working on university campuses” was one of the most pointless stories I have ever seen. The men referenced in the article committed their crimes well over a decade ago and have paid the price for what they did. I did not see any mentioning of the registered sex offenders (RSO) committing any crimes to warrant any article that would alarm the public. I am not sure what point the Mr. Greer was trying to make; RSOs have to report to their future employers that they are RSOs before accepting a job offer. If the school thought there was a problem I am sure they would not have been hired.

I have noticed that the media never includes stats like 5 percent of RSOs are strangers to their victims, while 95 percent of RSOs are family members or family friends. These men deserve a second chance just like anyone else. I do not condone what they did, but I do believe in giving someone a second chance. I understand that the information obtained for the article is public record and free for anyone to see, but at what point is a person forgiven of their past and allowed to live a productive life? If one of these men loses their job over an article like this, was it truly worth it? If they have families now how will they provide for them?

I understand First Amendment rights and freedom of the press, but as I said before Mr. Greer’s article failed to mention any wrongdoing by these individuals recently or over the past decade.

In closing I just wanted to thank WND for the all of your efforts in reporting on issues that the mainstream media will not touch. Keep up the good work!

Nic Pedersen

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