On March 16, 2013, I posted a syndicated column on my blog (Mychal-Massie.com) that originally appeared in print March 9, 2004, as a “From My Vault” piece. The column was titled “Is Easter next?”

The piece begins: “A question that begs answering – now that the legions of darkness have reduced Christmas to a secular holiday – how long is it before Easter suffers the same fate?”

We have our answer, and the answer to my question is – “Now.” Cities, schools and municipalities across the nation are banning the word “Easter” in association with egg hunts. I’m guessing that some secular humanist, anti-God, liberal progressive will demand “Easter” be removed in association with the bunny as well before long.

In my 2004 syndicated piece referenced above, I wrote: “My [late] grandmother used to say, ‘People only hate the truth for two reasons – because it’s true, or they think it’s true.'” To which I add, such is the way of liberal progressives.

They are the very people for whom the word “tolerance” plays a preeminent role in their lexicon. In reality, they are among the most intolerant of all. In fact, I am prepared to argue that when it comes to their vulgar, duplicitous, double standards they are in a league of their own without equals.

I wasn’t being prescient when I penned my 2004 warning, and I’m not being a genius at discernment pursuant to my following observations.

Secular humanist, anti-God, liberal progressives ultimately have no choice but to censor the truth and remove as much of God from public view as possible. Because if they do not, they risk the truth of what they strive to conceal to be revealed.

What is the truth they are so desperate to have hidden from public view? It’s that their philosophy is house of cards based on lies that will lead to the destruction of our society.

The truth they overlook is that their attempts to ban the word Christmas were not any more successful than Herod’s attempt to murder Christ by murdering male children two years and younger. And their attempts to deny the truth of Easter will be no more successful than was the placing of a stone in the front of His tomb to keep him in it.

Removing words recognized for their Christian importance does not help their cause. The truth is, it damns their cause. They deceive themselves by believing that removing words associated with Christendom will lead to a national embracing of their Erebusic agendas.

They can attempt to censor the “Word,” but they cannot censor Christ nor His redeeming work on the cross from the hearts of those who accept Him. That said, neither can they extricate fairness and propriety from the hearts of those who do not necessarily accept a Christian perspective but who fiercely adhere to the spirit of fairness.

It bears noting that just as Christmas is about more than toys and gifts, Easter is about more than egg hunts, bunnies and chocolate. Easter is about the crucifixion and resurrection of the/our Savior Jesus Christ.

I’m inclined to say let the secular humanist, anti-God, liberal progressives who demand tolerance while practicing censorship have their frivolity with eggs and bunnies. We in Christendom will celebrate around the throne of Him whom they have denied.

I’m tempted to say let them reduce what has become traditional “holiday” activities to their level of godless paganism because we know Easter isn’t about colored eggs and marshmallow bunnies. But that would be capitulating to evil by giving place to censorship and encouraging more.

I remind myself that is a mindset I must never allow myself to adopt. Censorship is wrong, and it is evil. We must confront it wherever, whenever and in whatever form it rears its ugly head. We are not here to roll over and permit these mobocratic pagans to attempt to relegate our systems of faith to backrooms, nor must we allow them to redefine our belief systems. We are here to carry on the traditions that made America the great bastion of freedom our Founding Fathers intended it to be, and we are here to fight not just to share truth, but also to defend the truth. And like it or not – that truth is based upon a belief in and a dependence upon God.


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