While I regard Glenn Beck as an entertainer and a political ideologue, and certainly a devout Mormon, what, I wonder, qualifies him to be considered a “biblical scholar”? [“The Other Brother bedevils Obama”]

First, I’ve always been a little muddy on whether the correct term is “Bible scholar,” or “biblical scholar.” I’ve never encountered Glenn Beck, himself, in Scripture, which the latter term seems to imply, but I digress.

Second, I understand that one need not hold to the teachings of the text to be considered a scholar of the same, but I am unaware of Beck’s training that would warrant such a title. Is he knowledgeable in Ancient Greek? Hebrew? Ancient history and cultures?

Perhaps Ms. Mercer was simply being deferential, and if so, my disappointment would lie in the idea that she would so mercilessly crush my otherwise stalwart appreciation for her as one who possesses the spinal cord necessary to refrain from sycophantic references.

My hope is that I am simply uneducated about Mr. Beck’s tutelage.

Tim Blosser

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