I know this email will be a waste of time, completely. I realize you have a political agenda.

I live in New Zealand. Obama has never said he will or wants to ban guns; he wants to ban assault rifles machine guns [sic].

I have listened to the so-called Christians (and I am one) rant on and on about this with great fury, and some say they will come to New Zealand rather than give up their guns.

I can tell you that we do not want these Americans in our country with their obsession and passion for guns. They are idols in their lives. They are not content to have a handgun to protect their families if needed; they are obsessed with MANY machine guns … and they want everyone to have them.

I will never set foot in your country again. I would be scared to death, with so many angry ranting people running around firing at each other.

Our police in New Zealand do not carry guns. They have a gun locked in their car for emergency when required. If they happen to come across a criminal with a gun, then they get theirs out.

Tey angry gun lovers are going to start a war.

America will reap what it sows. I fear for you all. Your true colors are coming out.

Paula Wagstaff

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