In January, investigative journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas addressed the hypocrisy of the press in demonizing gun owners, as well as revealing sobering facts regarding the ability of law enforcement to protect the general public from violent criminals. The latter actually came from law-enforcement officers themselves; their message in light of progressive legislators across America crusading against our Second Amendment rights was, in their opinion, “You’re on your own.”

Among the many reasons I left New York (where I grew up) was my disgust with the intrusive level of government. The state of New York is essentially ruled by an oligarchy of liberal elites who’ve never gotten out of Manhattan, so to speak. Now, politicians in Colorado (where I have lived for more than 20 years) have made a quantum leap toward the same manner of “governance,” spearheading the effort through new laws pertaining to firearms. The pretext is that Colorado was the venue for two of the nation’s most infamous spree killings (the Columbine massacre in 1999 and the Aurora theater shootings last year), but what is effectively occurring is liberal elites (with either little knowledge of or regard for the Constitution and America’s founding principles) ruling by fiat.

Nationwide, the big picture is worse: Democratic politicians and even some Republicans at the state level have become rubber stamps for the Obama administration’s agenda. With regard to firearms, this is in complete sync with the proposed United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which will essentially negate the Second Amendment.

Now, we know that this agenda encompasses far more than gun control; the infringements upon Americans’ rights and impediments to economic recovery in Obamacare alone are legion. This week, Rep. Leonard Lance, R-N.J., suggested that the Department of Homeland Security should be compelled to explain the purchase of an estimated 1.5 billion rounds of military-grade ammunition, thousands of AR-15 rifles and 2,700 armored vehicles over the last year.

Also this week, WND reported on U.S. intelligence agencies being given access to Americans’ financial transactions. And last week, The Blaze TV’s Laurie Dhue filed a report on how the National Security Agency has become a veritable Big Brother since 2001, establishing the infrastructure to spy on U.S. citizens; this includes a massive new facility being built in Utah.

In the meantime, the demonstrably ignorant, sickeningly imperious Sen. Dianne Feinstein is furiously advancing sweeping gun-control legislation, and there have been reports of shakeups among top military brass concerning “litmus tests” pertaining to their willingness to order attacks on civilians.

Coupled with such things as California Rep. Maxine Waters’ recent admission that “The president has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life,” what are Americans supposed to think?

One of the few – and heretofore unsung – heroes standing up to this obscenity are America’s firearms manufacturers. A growing list of these have stated that they will no longer do business with the federal government, states, or localities that pass legislation further infringing on Americans’ rights under the Second Amendment.

Though appreciated, this may appear a mere token or self-serving gesture on their part – but is it?

Well, how likely does it seem that millions of Americans would have spontaneously lapsed into a state of unfathomable, baseless paranoia with regard to their government and its motives? Quite unlikely, of course. Equally unlikely that well over a hundred manufacturers and large retailers would summarily take such action against the government. After all, with the feds purchasing so much in the way of firearms, ammunition and accessories, the gun makers aren’t going broke. Why should they care where the money comes from?

The reason is this: They are in an even better position to determine the motives of the government than the millions of Americans who have come to believe we are in peril from the government. America’s firearms manufacturers have access to the patriots among our top military people, thus they are well aware that the Obama administration is indeed working toward wholesale gun confiscation as a precursor to their coup de grâce of the Constitution (no pun intended). Whether civil unrest comes as a result of our resistance to gun control or other factors, the government is determined to get the guns.

Unfortunately for Obama, financial pressure and bullying was not enough to ensure the manufacturers’ cooperation, as it has been in so many other instances. The gun makers know that in the long run, they are in the government’s crosshairs too, so they’re not too keen on helping the government kill off their clientele, the only barrier between them and the government.

So, at risk to themselves as an industry, American firearms manufacturers have opted to stand in between this administration and us. They actually believe in the Second Amendment, and not just because it provides them a living. Right now, they are the biggest and best advocate the American people and the Constitution have.

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