It’s been 10 years since Bush and his henchman launched the Iraq war with a parade of lies the likes of which would have made Goebels and Hitler proud.

These lies have already been so thoroughly exposed, I won’t go into them here. But as with all wars, for most it brings only pain, suffering and death. American wars in particular, from Korea to Vietnam to the first Gulf War, as well as the countless nameless wars undertaken during the Cold War by the CIA and military to overthrow “undesirable governments,” have taken on a mythology whose lies are as great as those told to begin them. One of the lies is that they are fought to keep America free, to bring peace and freedom to other countries, that they are for a noble purpose and that those who fight them are heroic warriors doing God’s will on earth.

The truth is that the war in Iraq (and all our other wars) were fought to profit a very few elite men and women, such as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz and Rice, to name but a few. Meanwhile, Iraq has been utterly destroyed (again by a member of the Bush family), thousands of soldiers were killed, tens of thousands grievously wounded and hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq, millions wounded and millions more made refugees. It was, in short, a humanitarian disaster and a crime against humanity. The worst part is that not only will the perpetrators go unpunished, but they are living lives of luxury and peace, writing multi-million-dollar books and basically treated as heroes in this country. One can only hope that they will face justice in the next life.

Even worse than that, emboldened by what they have already gotten away with, the neocon war-makers are busily spreading the exact same lies about Iran as were used to invade Iraq. While I cannot imagine a single American who would fall for this again (that Iran is an existential threat to America and is developing nuclear and other WMD to use against us), it seems we are well on our way to invading yet another country that did not attack us, or any other country, with a possible stopover in Syria.

Let us pray that they are stopped this time so we don’t have to “celebrate” another 10-year anniversary of nothing but more needless suffering and death and destruction to show for it.

Jeff Toney

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