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How the 'No Bull Mom' became an author

Suzanne Venker tells story of publishing her passion

(KIRKUS REVIEWS) — The first time I took to the computer to write a book, or to attempt to write a book, I’d quit teaching. I was so disturbed by what I’d witnessed in public schools I started reading voraciously about education. That research, along with my personal experience, ignited a fire that never went out. Though I didn’t know it then, I had become a writer.

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Sadly, I never finished that book. My marriage at the time had taken a nosedive, and my head just wasn’t in it. By the time I took to the computer again, I was remarried and pregnant with my first child. I was 31. This time the book was about the needs of children and how these needs conflict with adult desires. I titled my book “The Work of Motherhood.”

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Needless to say, finding it a home was exhausting. I had no connections, and no experience with book publishing other than a temporary spot as an editor of educational guidebooks. Moreover, the book was controversial. It pushes boundaries that aren’t used to being pushed. So with my infant daughter in tow, I walked into a Barnes & Noble and sat down with “The Writer’s Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents.”

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