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Illegal to help change sexual orientation?

Think about this.

In America today, it is perfectly legal to change one’s sexual plumbing in a bizarre and twisted medical mutilation to achieve “transgenderism.”

In fact, in some states and municipalities, taxpayers are forced to pick up the tab.

It is also perfectly legal for men to commit sodomy and for women to have sexual relations with each other.

In fact, in some states and municipalities, it is illegal for a landlord with a moral objection to that kind of behavior to turn down practitioners of this kind of sexual behavior from renting their apartments.

Public schools in more and more states and locales are encouraging homosexuality, tranvestism, lesbianism – even to the point of allowing children to define their own “gender identification” by using the locker rooms and restrooms of their choice.

It’s perfectly legal for counselors to encourage lesbianism, homosexuality, transvestism and the aforementioned medical mutilations known as sex-change operations. It is even perfectly legal for counselors and therapists to offer assistance in changing the sexual orientation of adults and children from heterosexual to homosexual.

At the same time American society takes this anything-goes approach to sexuality, there is one new glaring taboo being constructed in some states: Counseling and therapy for minors who want to change their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual.

Such legislation was passed by the California Legislature before being struck down by the courts.

But now similar legislation is being introduced in New Jersey, in what can fairly be described as the next big push by those promoting sexual anarchy in America.

What are these radicals afraid of? They claim, believe it or not, that any counseling or therapy to change those with inclinations toward homosexuality is quackery. So let me get this straight: It’s perfectly justifiable and effective to provide counseling and therapy – and even permanent medical mutilations – to change from heterosexuality to homosexuality, but not the other way around.

They literally deny that tens of thousands – maybe far more – have left the homosexual lifestyle and become “ex-gays.” Why do they deny it? Because they fear losing constituents. Though you will see open homosexuals by the score in TV shows and movies and read “heroic” stories about them coming to grips with their sexual identity in the major media, one thing you will never see or read about is a person who turned his or her back on that lifestyle. Yet it happens all the time.

And that’s what the homosexual lobby and its enablers in political liberalism don’t want you to known about.

So now they are making their big push to make it illegal to counsel or offer therapy to those who want to go straight.

This is an illustration of just how dangerous and totalitarian in nature the homosexual lobby truly is.

What’s happening in our society today is nothing short of the active recruitment of children into aberrant sexual lifestyles. We once called this child abuse. But today it’s official state policy. The next step, which may have been unimaginable a few years ago, is to ensure there’s no way out for those recruits.

Parents and children shouldn’t have an opportunity to explore their options in enjoying a heterosexual lifestyle. Change only works one way, according to these fiends.

Think about this: Children molested by same-sex adults are much more likely to adopt a same-sex attraction. Sometimes all those kids need is some counseling to overcome their victimization. That would be legally prohibited by the legislation now under consideration in New Jersey and the legislation passed in California.

It would deny kids a chance at a normal life. It would deny parents their rights to look out for the best interests of their own kids.

It’s also blatantly discriminatory – banning therapy leading to heterosexuality while allowing homosexual-affirming therapy and even “gender-change” decisions by kids who are provided with potentially life-threatening hormones. Why is it that children are allowed to change their “gender identity” but not their sexual orientation?

You know why: The homosexual lobby is powerful and forceful in the world of psychology, psychiatry and counseling.

The homosexual movement once claimed its supreme goal was to ensure that its constituents could do what they want in the privacy of their own bedrooms. That was a lie. Now they parade their sexual proclivities in our streets and in the “gay”-friendly media. It’s no longer an alternative lifestyle; it’s quickly becoming the preferred lifestyle, the brave new lifestyle, the hip and heroic lifestyle, the affirmative-action lifestyle.

Now the homosexual movement and its allies in the popular culture, media and politics are seeking to use the police power of the state to make sure there’s no return from a “choice” made even as a child. Once “gay,” always “gay” is their credo.

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