It will not be surprising if we soon get a majority decision from the Supreme Court that will, in essence, declare the constitutional “right” of two men/two women “marriage.”

If it happens, the following is some of what will almost assuredly come to pass:

1) “Legalized” unnatural activity between men and boys. How so? One example will suffice: In some (or all) of New Hampshire, it is presently allowable for a 14-year-old male to marry a 21-year-old female if the 14-year-old male has parental approval and a judicial-type of waiver. Now, if same-sex “marriage” becomes nationalized, what will prevent a 14-year-old male from “marrying” a 21-year-old male?

2) Schools will be used to indoctrinate students. Parochial, private and public schools (and homeschoolers) will be pressured/mandated to promote counterfeit marriage.

3) Businesses will be shut down for refusing to go along with the “gay” agenda. Look for bakeries, reception halls, photographers and plenty of other businesses to be mandated to do what the “gays” tell them to do. (Bakeries will be told to make “wedding” cakes with two-men plastic ornaments on top. Reception halls, including those owned by churches, will be told they must host the “celebration,” etc.)

4) Clamping down on free speech. Letters like this will be defined as “hate” speech with transgressors being regarded as criminals and, subsequently, punished.

5) More types of “marriages” on the horizon. Mother-daughter, polygamous, five men, etc. (Watch for proponents of these “marriages” to begin cranking out some new dictionary entries to describe the opposition (examples: “incestaphobes,” “polygamaphobes,” etc.)

For a long time, most adults in our society have believed that the conjugal act is primarily for pleasure (a position that is opposed to the natural moral law of God, which says that the conjugal act is primarily for procreation. And, a position that paves the way for the rotten fruits of artificial contraception, adultery, fornication, homosexual behavior, incest, pornography, etc.).

A substantial portion of our nation will either die from various forms of selfishness, or this nation is going to die – period.

Patrick Benedict

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