Will Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts disappoint conservatives again – this time on same-sex marriage?

The question is being raised by an opinion piece written by Roberts’ cousin, Jean Podrasky, 48, a lesbian activist. The piece appeared on the website of the National Council of Lesbian Rights. She will be sitting ringside in the courtroom as a guest of Roberts at two key hearings take place.

Roberts shocked Republicans and conservatives when he sided with the majority of flaming progressives on the court in upholding the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Could he do it again?

Will he pull a Rob Portman and support same-sex marriage because he’s got a homosexual relative?

Roberts’ cousin is seeking to get married in California and says she feels “confident that John is wise enough to see that society is becoming more accepting of the humanity of same-sex couples and the simple truth that we deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and equality under the law.”

“I believe he understands that ruling in favor of equality will not be out of step with where the majority of Americans now sit,” wrote Podrasky. “I am hoping that the other justices (at least most of them) will share this view, because I am certain that I am not the only relative that will be directly affected by their rulings.”

She even cited the Portman precedent.

“Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s recent change of heart got me thinking a little more about family relationships and the impact that living your life proudly, and honestly, may have on those who have yet to become allies,” Podrasky wrote.

Next week, on two successive days, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear a case on California’s Proposition 8 regarding the state’s voter-approved ban on gay marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act, a law passed by Congress and signed by Bill Clinton.

Podrasky also wrote, “Everyone in this country has a family member who is part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. And that includes Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. You see, I am his first cousin. And I’m a lesbian.”

Roberts’ mother is Podrasky’s godmother. She told the Los Angeles Times that Roberts knows she is a lesbian. She said she hoped to introduce her partner, Grace Fasano, to him in Washington. Podrasky and her gal pal will be watching Roberts up close and personal at both hearings next week.

“I believe he sees where the tide is going. I do trust him. I absolutely trust that he will go in a good direction,” she told the paper.

Can Roberts afford to tick off Republicans and conservatives a second time?

Of course he can.

He’s got a lifetime appointment.

And this is what is referred to inside the beltway as a chief justice “growing in the office.” He will become a cultural hero to the media. The only thing he has to lose is a nation that will never be the same again.

Make no mistake about it: These are big decisions that are coming our way.

Same-sex marriage has been defeated by voters in 32 states.

The only reason it exists at all is because of activist court orders like the one that challenged Proposition 8 in California.

This is a big test for Roberts.

He blew it badly on Obamacare. He surprised everyone – left, right and middle.

I don’t take this signal from his cousin lightly.

She was invited to sit in the courtroom in the section reserved for family.

That suggests a reasonably close relationship – one the very fate of the nation may rest upon.

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